Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Old Face

As you will probably have guessed by now I am a bit of an old bird who is approaching the big 60 in a couple of weeks.....and then I will officially be a Senior Citizen..well suppose it's better than being called an old-age pensioner....well I ain't ready for a zimmer and incontinence knickers yet...my mind is still young at heart although the old body does need a good talking too in the mornings to play catch up with the rest of me.  I've been looking at this fizzog in the mirror every morning for nearly six decades and to me it doesn't look any different but apparently that ain't true.
Had to pop into town this morning for a few bits and pieces and as hubby needed the car today thought I would take the bus.....lots to do today so set off early.....well I ain't been on a bus for yonks so no idea of times or fares.  Young studenty type standing at the stop and we engaged in conversation....a bus is due any minute he informed me but could he tell me the fare to Aberdeen.   I had a bit of a pet hate when I used to travel on the bus...the folk who waited until they got on the bus and then searched for their purses and then for change holding everybody up in the process...I was a change in my pocket gal ready to pay.   "Well" he replied...it's £2.40 single but you will probably get a discount.....OUCH!!!!  "No...I don't get my bus pass for a few weeks yet" I replied.   When you come to get a job matey....you won't be able to put TACT on your CV.   No worries the bus arrived and he redeemed himself....stood back to let me on first....hey chivalry ain't dead and you've been brought up proper me thinks.
Got on the bus and asked for a return.....shock horror, nearly fainted......£4.50.....yikes .."Goodness me...just shows how long it is since I was on a bus"  I joked......"Well if you ain't happy, you had better get off and walk" the driver snapped back at me.    Well let me tell you this old bird does not do RUDE and I let him know in no uncertain terms that I didn't like his attitude in my politest voice....took my ticket and turned to a little ripple of applause from the rest of the folk on the bus......but I had just broken my own  rule.....while I was having my little rant.....I was holding up everybody else on the bus on the way to work.
The moral of the story must be......the anti wrinkle cream ain't working but who cares.....life is too short to worry about young students who obviously need to visit an optician and grumpy jobs worth bus drivers....I am too busy to worry about my age and am quite happy in this old wrinkly skin.
Off to get stuck into more card orders.......and maybe a challenge or two.
See ya all later........Love from your "looks her age" bloggy buddy.......Kath xxxxxx


  1. Good for you girl!!!
    I don't drive, so I know the feeling!!! When I was 8 months pregnant, I got on the train to Glasgow and there was squashing room only...so when the ticket man came, I told him he could see my ticket when I got a seat! He was none too chuffed,and it didn't even make anyone get up and give me a seat, but I felt so much better just for having said it! Six stops later, I got a seat and the cheeky little b*gger, had the audacity to come back and ask me for my ticket!!! Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!
    Deep breath...
    Gayle x

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  3. Awww! Well, Kath, if it's any consolation, I love you and your face... from the photo that was on your blog before the bird stole it.

    Chris xx

  4. Kath you have just given me the best laugh of the day..thank you! Anyway who wants a face that has no story and no life to it..every wrinkle tells a story and as they are mainly laughter lines - usually very happy ones, as I hope yours are. X

  5. WTG hun peeps these days cant be polite its shocking I always thought that people that work for the public should be polite makes me wonder if these days its part of the job discription rudeness classes I am (clapping) hun you tell them xxxxx

  6. sock it to em Kath!round of applause from me too! you are only as young as you feel anyway- just make sure you keep away from any wrinkles while feeling!

  7. Well done you! The driver obviously pulled a sickie on the customer service training day.

    What his sort don't understand (thick as well as rude) is if your are nice to your customers they will be nice to you and eureka you don't have a poo day at work.

    Anyway even if your face can't keep up with your young and very active mind - your attitude is fab and very funny!

    Have a brilliant birthday and when the bus pass arrives make it your mission to convert the blind grump or rue the day he ever clapped eyes on you!


  8. Good for you Kath, you go girl!!!

  9. Ha Ha! Kath you've given me my first laugh of the day! I wish I'd have been there with you to hear you tell that Bus Driver straight!
    Anice xx

  10. Congratulations on your 60th birthday Kath, you have a lot of life in your years which is more important than the number of years in your life!!!!

    I had heard you were going to be at the SECC cos my pal Allison (Funky Hand DT) was telling me. Am so disappointed i wont get the chance to meet you but i am going to Toronto(home) and will miss the craft fair this year. The good news is i am going to see my niece Maggie who was born October 1st and named after my Mum who died 4 years ago.

    Catch you in March maybe eh??

    Love your blog and love your cards

    all the best


  11. AWWW Kath - I think i will need your incontinence knickers after reading this!! My sides are a popping! You funny old bird you!!
    Your phrase not mine!!! LOL & ROFL!
    Way to go giving the bus driver a piece of your sharp witty mind - can't believe he had the audacity to say that to anyone!

    (Still snickering while at work too)! Slap me down for slacking off!!

  12. oh my Kath ! I only hope I would be able to craft away like you do at that glorious age my dear !

    & yikes ! GBP4.5 is a lot to pay for a return bus ride ! if I may say so ! lol

    Happy 60th birthday !

  13. Olá Kath, sou do Brasil e adoro os seus projetos parabéns!Você faz coisas lindas! Gostaria da sua autorização para colocar o seu link no meu Blog. Aguardo...thanks, Kátia