Friday, October 17, 2008

The bare necessities

Another parcel this morning full of crafting necessities....well you could say all my craft purchases are necessities...but there are the scrummylicious necessities and then the downright boring necessities..and envelopes and self-seal bags come into the second category.  Just when I thought that the mass Christmas Card production department at Chez Kath was getting to be a tad try putting 500 envelopes into self seal bags....I am only half way through the A5 size and already I have lost the will to live.....but unless I can train Buddy to do's just another job on the long list for Mrs Dogsbody.

If you make cards to sell and are looking for great quality envelopes and self seal bags....pop over to the Craft Creations website... great prices too and delivery within 3 or 4 days.
Tight schedule this week.....all November card orders done and dusted so tomorrow I am getting stuck into some samples for the SECC....just my style.....cutting it a bit fine and sailing close to the wind.....will be sharing some with you hopefully.... that is if I ever get to the bottom of  this stack of envelopes......
Before I go....a little mystery....when I came onto my blog yesterday I had a new follower (wow still can't believe that any of you are interested in me rabbiting on about everything and nothing) but this morning she has gone.....oops.... was it something I said.... maybe she just pressed the follow button by mistake in the first place....realised her mistake..crept back under cover of darkness and deleted me from her life.....c'est la vie.
Catch up with you all later.....Love Kath xxxxxx


  1. Wow, but you are a busy body ... all that monotonous slaving would also push over the edge of boredom. I really think its time that Buddy gets some serious clerical training. Warm regards
    PS: Pity about that disappearing follower ... don't know what he/she is missing ...

  2. wow just found your blog and am becoming a follower and no it wasn't me who came and went in the night!, I was tucked up in my beddy, honest.LOL Love your work and your twitterings. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh My Kath....would help ya hun but your too far away there!!!lol..Have fun!!!
    It wasnt me pressing that button I tell ya I pressed enough wrong buttons yesterday!!!not going down that road again!!!rofpml....

  4. Lovely envelopes, Kath.. absolutely stunning, as always!

    Oops.. slapping myself in the face... Wake up, Chris! You're on autopilot again! hehe (Just kidding!) ;o)

    Could it have been me on the following thing? I had a confused moment yesterday.. (hey, it happens... I'm only a few years behind you, y'know...)... and I didn't think I was on your list, (although you're in my 100 blogs in my Google Reader), so I clicked follow (or thought I did), and got a message saying I already follow your blog (which I knew already). Anyway, I ended up deleting myself and putting myself back on again.
    (I'll be t you're confused now, too, right?) You know you were talking about losing the will to live??? How's that going now, on a scale of 1 to 10?

    Have just checked, by the way, and I am still there on your list of stalke... err... followers, so I'm right in the middle of where I want to be. :o)


    Chris xx

  5. Hi Kath

    2 of my followers on Inspirational have disappeared overnight so perhaps they all ran off together lol x

  6. Oh, and TO ALL KATH'S FOLLOWERS... You need to get yourself over to my blog HERE

    Not for you, though, Kath. I'm just testing out the comment link you taught me. Just practicing. You don't need to go there. So DON'T... OK? You're farrr too busy anyway.

    Chris xx

  7. I am suprised that you are taking this so lightly! Have you not considered that they may have been kidnaped by the follower bandits and they are stuck in the land of no blogs??????

    Just a thought :)

    Mrs WOnka x

  8. already been and gone and done expecting my order any day now.
    And yes i lost a follower one day but by the next day she was back- so don't know if as you say a missed hit button or if it is just Mr Blogger playing up

  9. see the mystery was solved then lol... sort of silly thing I would do, but not on this occasion. lol... and yep I guess we all love to read your latest goings on.. and see your latest creations... a brill and entertaining blog. x

  10. Oh Kath I don't envy you. I always keep then seperate but what a great idea to put the envelopes ready in the cello bags thanks for tip. Thanks also for link alwyas needing these too and I look for ward to seeing your stunning cards at the SECC.

  11. Wow Kathy ,dont know how you do it xxx you are super woman xxx
    dont worry a bout blogger it seems to be doing a lot of strange things at the mo to all of us xxxgood luck with the cards ,Dawnxxx

  12. I can't believe how organised and busy you are. Where do you find the time to blog too???

  13. Wow that's some set of cardstock and envelopes!
    Well I had a follower that disappeared about the same time but don't know who it was by the time I noticed and was gonna have a look - Phwfooof! She was gone!!! Is there a phantom follower out there do ya think!!!!


  14. Wow, that's an awesome stack to get organised... (silly question....) do you have seal bag ready with envelope as and when you make the greeting card or are you assembling them all now with card and envelope?

    I know what you mean with the phantom followers I've had two dissappear I just thought mine wasn't an active and fun enough blog!

    Hope your arms and fingers don't ache too much!
    Kim x

  15. To answer Kim's question...when I get a new order in of envelopes and bags...I match them up it saves the envelopes getting marked and then when I make a commission is popped in the bag and sealed....but I also need the bags for the 175 Christmas cards I have made already for orders.
    Anybody fancy a job for free food a bed and as much coffee as you can drink...and maybe a little wine or to.