Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Award Time Again

Daa...raa....cue drum roll....... It's award time again...a chance to look out the posh frock and the high heels.
This was given to me by my lovely bloggy friend and DT mate....Dawn who also lives in the North East of Scotland ...thanks a lot Dawn it is very much appreciated. Dawn decided to give this award to 3 Scots who know what it's like to live in the wilds of Scotland with Autumn here and Winter fast approaching...but today was like Summer. I set off to take Buddy on our favourite forest walk with a sweatshirt and fleece on and about half way round was absolutely cooking....mind you on saying that...the way the weather is at the could be snowing tomorrow. I do love Autumn and the changing colour of leaves. And a little reminder and I think I have it right this time......the Clocks change a week tomorrow....Sunday 26th .....back an hour....yippee an extra hour in bed which will be very last day at the SECC and by then the old body is beginning to protest and needs a good talking to.....but the thought of home to my own kip on the Sunday night....with my Buddy hot water bottle keeping my feet toasty......heaven.

Now comes the difficult part...who do I award this too.....I have to choose ......oh I hate this bit...I am going to give this award to 3 people who are true artists of colour in every sense of the word.....
but you know that I love you please consider yourselves awarded and display it on your blog if you wish.
Off to put my feet up and just for a change relax and watch a bit of TV.....Hubby has gone for a pint with a friend so I am in sole charge of the remote control....what's ya bet....there ain't nothing decent on.
Catch up with you all tomorrow. Love Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Thanks so much for the award Kath, Scotland must be soooo gorgeous at this time of year, i do envy you!

    Carol x

  2. Kaaaath!
    It's next weekend the clocks go back! wishful thinking me thinks for an hour longer under your cosy duvet!!!!

    Enjoy your TV - just watched the X-Factor and now channel hoppin!!


  3. Awww, thank you, Kath! :o) Will go and add the prettiness to my blog immediately! :o)

    hugs to you,
    Chris xx

  4. Oh Thanks so much for the award Kath you are a Darling :D Sorry I havent left you a comment for a wee while but I'm catching up with everyone now.
    Looks like you have been a busy little bee.
    Chris xx

  5. Congrats with your latest award ... you really deserve ... especially how show share your general life experiences with us in such a humoristic manner.
    PS: The only thing that bugs me about this award is the spelling mistake on it 'you(r)' blog. But hey we can't be choosy now. Warm regards


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