Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brrr......it's snowing

You never quite believe the weather forecast when they say "heavy snow for the North East" but they got it right this time....woke up this morning to this gorgeous scene.....I love snow but only for ski-ing on and certainly not for driving on......have places to go this morning....collect some cardstock I ordered a few weeks back and need today...now...this minute and the roads will be chaos.   What is it about this country...we get snow every year but yet when it comes....drivers go into panic mode....pity the poor commuters who have to get to work....there will be tailbacks everywhere.

Off to have a nice cuppy...look out my boots and take Buddy for his walk.....he loves the snow.
Hope to be back later with some stuff to share....that is if I don't get stuck in a snowdrift somewhere.
Hope the weather is kinder where you are....and for all my fellow North Easters...take care driving this morning.    Love Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Wonderful pictures Kath, but I have to say Im glad we dont have any of that white stuff down here in 'Sunny Somerset' :)
    Jose x

  2. Wow... I am soooo jealous, I love the snow, but don't envy you taking Buddy for a walk in it! :)

  3. Hi Kath, oh you lucky thing - snow! i love snow, and it would be great to have some here this week while the children are not at school. I don't think we have any forecast for down here in the SE! Oh Kath im still struggling with that "here is my card" . I will have to email you im obviously being very stupid!!! Hugs Linda x

  4. Hi Mrs

    Well I can understand what your saying about the snow, as we have it here. Only started about an hour ago but don't think its going to stay. Glad you had a good time at the SECC, and that you managed to see Ann & Lorraine, just wish I could have got over to see you all. Never mind, some day my wishes might come true. Enjoy your coffee, I'm away to work now to freeze in my wee office, love always, Karen

  5. Those pics are fab. I love the snow, but here in the fens it tends to settle then drift. I have yet to drive in really heavy snow. I hope everyone sstays safe and sensible (unlike the 3 idiots having a race on the A17 at 7.30 this morning...expected to see 1 in a ditch!) Anyway...have a great day, stay warm and have fun X

  6. awww Kath, the pictures look lovely, but, you can keep it up there!! the sun is actually shining here in Suffolk this morning, the skies are blue too - but, they have warned that we might have sleet this afternoon.....ugh

    Take care driving today

    Hugz Carolxx

  7. we have snow down here are well Kath and it looks lovely from my spot here next to the logburner lol

    The kids can't wait to get out into it.....maybe later we will all wrap up and go throw snowballs :)

    Hope you are able to get out for your cardstock



  8. Oooh this looks so pretty! lol I love the snow but only for looking at from the inside, hate going out in it! lol Looking forward to seing what you make =) xxx

  9. we got snow starting here in Moray, but dont tend to lie here due to being on the coast.

    Its so cold here though....

    keep warm. hope Buddy enjoys the snow, Poppy loves it!


  10. Gorgeous pics Kath.I love the snow when it's just fallen.Not the slushy messy stuff.No snow here in Glasgow but bitter cold.

    Cass xxx

  11. Oh wow what a gorgeous sight to see... I do love the snow but this morning I don't envy you going out for your walk with Buddy. Even though I know you'll both enjoy it...

    Huge hugs & kisses
    Lorraine xxxxx

  12. My children want to move to Scotland now they have seen these gorgous pics. Pascale :)

  13. My children want to move to Scotland now they have seen these gorgous pics. Pascale :)

  14. Hi Kath...
    Let a message yesterday It dosent appear to be showing???
    Anyways looks like you all had a fab time in SECC...TFS ...
    and `Wow` look at all that snow!!!It`s trying hard to snow here today!!!!
    Have a nice Day!!!
    `Stay Warm`:)~X~

  15. ohhhhh all that snow scene needs is a touch of glitter.......

    Snuggle up warm today

    Mrs Wonka x

  16. I am SO not ready for that! NO!!!! Please No!!!!!

  17. WOW - you lucky thing! Look at all that snow. I had to call my youngest son over tot he computer to show him your photo's and he was sooooooooooo jealous.

  18. And I thought it was cold where I am! lol. I love the snow when its fresh and untouched. keep safe and warm.x

  19. Yuk! I have to say snow is my least favourite thing..I hate it! Wrap up warm and take care when you have to go out.
    Anice xx

  20. Great photos Kath, no snow here yet lol but it is bitter cold. TFS

  21. Just had to tell you......."We have Snow too!"

    Unfortunately it's more sleet and I've just had to go into town......brr it's horrible, Wet, with so many idiots on the road!

    I wish it was more like yours!

    Didn't think we'd get any in Leicestershire just yet!

    Hugs Suze x

  22. Awww Kath - the piccies look lovely. I just love snow - for some silly reason falling snow always makes me feel gooey inside!!! LOL
    Best you have a nice warm cuppa, keep warm and spend loads of time being crafty. Take care
    Love Terri XX

  23. It is so ironic that here in South Africa the climate is hot and dry with summer on our doorstep and just look at all the snow and cold weather on your side of the world. These pics reminds one of a fairyland scene. Perhaps you have spotted a fairy or two on your way to collect your cardstock. Warm regards

  24. Beautiful photos,Kath. I am so not ready for snow....BRRRRR!!
    Take care

  25. oooh lucky you- very cold here and frosty but no snow- like the snow when I don't have to go anywhere but do like looking at it,
    If Buddy is anything like my two he will have a ball playing in it

  26. At last Kath I've got here!!
    OOh it looks all lovely and festive - Already!! EEEK!!
    Well we didn't quite have this but it was bloomin' cold then it started to snow but it didn't lie, just wet.
    Thanks for your comments about my poor wee Puss tale - I really appreciate it...

    Off to read your tales of Glaesgae!!! LOL

  27. I think we're gonna be in for some snow too- good luck and enjoy!
    The pictures are great!

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  28. Ohhhh i so wish i woke up and there was snow you are so lucky.
    Holly xx


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