Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Secrets in Bloggyland

I have just discovered there are no secrets in bloggyland well not if you are part of the "FUNKY HAND" Design Team and one very naughty young lady is apparently organising a little bit of a surprise for my up and coming "I AM NOW OFFICIALLY OLD" birthday.....sssshhh...I am not supposed to know...but once you get to this have eyes in the back of your head and an inkling when something is afoot....and this nosey mare was bound to find out......well ...I won't tell the secret's out  if you don't....but I am touched by the thought and kindness behind it and will just pretend I don't know....don't want to spoil the big surprise.
The plot thickens..... I have heard on the grapevine....they are thinking of having a whip round and getting me Sir Tim...the one and only...king of idol....Holtz for the day...well I can't contain my excitement.....who cares about secrets now....this is serious when the collecting can comes around PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pop in your 20p....or on second thoughts....I have expensive unless you want to be called cheapskates....make it 50p for two days.
This is what I love about's all great fun and I can't believe the lovely folk I have met since I started my blog and that reminds me.....I can't believe it's over 40,000 hits now.....surely time for blog candy.......I hear you say.....well  OK but give the old gal a break....let's leave it until after Christmas when I have more time to look out some fabulous stash or think of some fab prize.....perhaps I could arrange for you to spend the day with Tim and myself and here's another thought....gee I am full of thoughts this morning .....40,000 folk have visited......well let's do the math....40,000 x 50p.....hey that's easily enough surely for Tim for 2 days or maybe even a week......yee....ha..
Ok if you have read this's only fair that I share a couple of cards both made with Basic Grey Ambrosia Collection...both simple but classy if I say so myself....and both just my style.

That's all for now ...I think it's time for a cuppa but hey I might find time to do a challenge today. Catch up with you all later.
Love Kath xxxxxx
P.S. What did I say about the weather's not snowing but chucking it down with rain.


  1. heehee there's mischeif afoot is there!! not surprised lol look forward to hearing about it all when the time comes!!

    love the anniversary card it is very elegant



  2. good luck with your birthday appeal!!

    these cards are stunning!

    I find mens cards difficult sometimes, but this is so clever.

    and the anniversary card is beautiful!


  3. I promise your secret is safe with me....... now if I send 50p - you get exchange rate, minus bank charges and what not - it will cost you money - so can you be a dear and pop it in for me and when I see you I will give it to you - thanks ;)

    Loving the heart card - very very swish :)

  4. Thanks for the giggle - I enjoyed reading this post. If I had Tim Holtz for a day I wouldn't be sharing him with anybody !!
    Congratulations on your 40,000 hits.
    Love these two cards - particularly the Anniversary one.
    I popped along to say thanks for your comment on my two ATC's and to look at your first attempt again, which I shall now do.
    hugs Heather xx.

  5. Dagnabbit!! Is nothing sacred around here? (sigh) lol.. oh well... ;o)

    Loving the hearts and the tie card.. Just amazes me how you always manage to come up with such crisp and fresh ideas. There's such a different style about your work.

    Chris xx

  6. Oooh this is gorgeous, love the anniversary hearts like you said it is very classy =) xxx

  7. love the anniversary card kath brill,
    and the tie one is fab - i find mens cards are always tricky ! but thats just perfect !

  8. I hope all your Birthday Wishes come true !

    Your cards are great !!
    The first one is simple and elegant - love it so much!

    The second one is too cute -- that tie is GREAT!!

    Have a HAPPY day :)

  9. My lil' sis and I are HUGE Basic Grey fans :) I LOVE your Happy B'day card witht he tie! It's so manly and elegant :)
    I love your work! TFS!!! and I hope that all your B'day dreams come true ;)
    xoxo, margie

  10. These cards rock, Kath! That anniversary card is so pretty, and I love the masculine b-day card! :D

  11. He He! So the cat's oot 'o the proverbial bag!! Rrreeeooowww!!
    You'll have a great day Kath!

  12. More fabby cards!!!

    Now then....about Sir Tim.....I've been looking at the small print of his contract and it stipulates "Sir Tim will tolerate no molestation" - think you can manage that Kath?



  13. You are sooooo darn funny missus...rofl I love reading your posts :D
    Sounds like there is gonna be lots of fun and I don't mind donating 50p for you to see the man himself... but... only if you take pics so that everyone else can drool over him on your blog
    Chris xx

  14. that hearts card is just fabulous!!!!! i love it!!!! xx

  15. Nope, not got a clue what you are talking about!! Hehehe!! Really do like the anniversary card - lovely!