Thursday, October 2, 2008


A little bit of a toot..toot...I have been asked to join a new Design Team on the fabulous challenge blog....TAG YOU'RE IT run by the lovely SAM and ANNE.....the other members of the design team will be fellow NE Scotland bloggy buddy....CAROL and SARAH....all very talented crafters.  Tag You're It was one the first challenge blogs that I participated in when I first started my blog and that seems such a long time ago but I think it was only at the end of February and has remained one of my how chuffed was I when Sam and Anne asked me to join their new team.  
Tag You're It sets a new challenge every Friday and as the name suggests is for sharing your creativity on a tag.....great for using up some of the little bits and pieces of paper etc that wouldn't necessarily be big enough to use on a card so why don't you pop over tomorrow ...see what the team have come up with and join us for the new challenge...would love to see your take on it.
And I know this is very naughty and I may get my legs slapped here....but a little sneeky peek of my tag for tomorrow's challenge.

Well lots to do today and not all crafty....all those little pre-holiday things which make you wonder if hols are such a good idea after all.  Catch up with you all later.......Love Kath xxxxxx


  1. awww like the look of the "sneak preview" Kath - looking forward to getting to know you better xx

  2. Oh you are such a big tease....

    Look forward to seeing the full creation.

    Love hugs & kisses
    Lorraine xxxxxxx

  3. Congrats!!
    You totally deserve it! :)

  4. That sneaky peek reminds me of the quizzes you got in magazines when you had to guess what everyday item the photo was of LOL! How can you get your legs slapped for this -you are just whetting our appetites and ensuring we come along to take a peep! Very clever of you LOL! Congrats on being on the DT -I'venever visited TYI before , but I will try to remember to look domani!
    Much love,
    SJ xxx

  5. Congratulations Kath I am a huge fan of Sam and Ann they are great!

    Have to say that you have made me chuckle today so thanks for that (I've been over to Kirsty's blog)

    Julie xx

  6. Ooo Congrats Kath ! looks fab !!!

  7. Congratulations hun (claps) xxxxx

  8. Well done on joining the team Kath, look forward to seeing more of your fabulous tags! :)

    Carol x

  9. Hey, congratulations, that's fantastic news!!

  10. Oh no!!! Another challenge for me to get addicted too!! AAHHHHHGGGG!!! Hehehhe!! OOh, do like the orange ric rac!!

  11. Very pretty card! I love the stamped flowers! Ric-rac ribbon looks so good on this tag!