Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A wee challenge and Blog Candy

Well folks you know me....I love a wee challenge and like everyone else am partial to a bit of blog candy.
My lovely Tag You're It Team Mate and mega talented bloggy buddy DAWN has recently hit 20,000 hits on her blog....no surprise there....her work is fabulous and full of inspiration..... here's the deal.....DAWN wants to see our craft rooms...with or without us in them and if you have a furry friend include them too....and the winner will receive delicious blog candy. Well blog candy or not...I am not venturing outdoors tonight....even if my crafty cubbyhole is just a hop step and jump from the back door and no use asking Buddy....he is fast asleep snoring on the sofa..... it's blowing a gale out there and snowing heavily....by tomorrow I may not be able to find my cubbyhole never mind photograph it....and I think I have scared enough folk for one week with piccies of moi.....so I have used some pics from earlier in the year when the weather was gorgeous......just a memory now.

and my sleeping partner...just having a wee break
So get yourselves off to take a piccie of your crafty space....post it on your blog and leave a comment on DAWN's blog to be in with a chance of winning the goodies.

Back to work tomorrow after my two days of lazing around....fat chance.....doing a bit of cobweb chasing and Buddy brushing....he is losing a billion hairs a second at the moment.....the poor Dyson has lost the will to live and tidying up the general mayhem of not being at the helm for 4 days....Men...what are they like..the word useless springs to mind.....
Catch up with you all tomorrow......Love Kath xxxxxx


  1. how exciting,
    i have just posted some pictures on my blog, although my craft room is a baby at 2 weeks old lol
    Emma xx

  2. I'm having great fun looking at everyone's crafty habitats but I'm getting so jealous - I'm disappearing under a green cloud !!! ROFL
    Your room looks so bright and full of fabby stuff and bless the Budster - such a gorgeous dog....
    How old is he now Kath?
    Thanks for joining in too!

    Heaps 'o' Hugs

  3. look at Buddy! we used to have a retriever when I was growing up and she casted when you even looked at her!

    I started tidying up my craft area for Dawns blog...but ended up making a card or three! lol


  4. a very organized crafting area Kath, Buddy looks adorable...hugs rachxx

  5. Aaawwwh - look at Buddy! I don't think he would be able to lay down in my craft space it's far too messy - stash all over the floor as well as the desk!

  6. Aww, Buddy looks so cute, dozing away! And how nice is your craft space? That big window must be wonderful to work by xx

  7. I love your craft space. I really like how you set your table by window. What a gorgeous view. Lovin it!