Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am so....glad

I am so glad to see my bestest crafty mate and fellow Fiskars Filly....Lorraine back on her blog and getting stuck into some serious crafting again after a difficult time....she still has her operation to go through in a couple of weeks....4 weeks of recovery and then she can get her life back on track. So pop over and visit and give her a great big bloggy hug because I know that she very much appreciated all your kind comments when she took ill. Our other Fiskars Filly who will be undergoing her operation soon after months of chemo is also in our thoughts and we had decided sometime ago that once they are both back to fitness...we would have a girly day out to celebrate......well we have now decided that it is going to be one mega girly weekend...painting the town red, partying like only we can and having a whale of a time.....can't wait girls.
You know how much you both mean to me.....lots of love.....Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Hooray to the fiskars fillys, hang in there girls and you will be partying before you know it! Your both very brave and an inspiration to women everywhere. Thanks for the update Kath

  2. Hey sooo glad that you Fiskaars Filly`s are getting together..Yaah you go girlies you will have a ball:)
    Lubbs to allxxx

  3. Hi honey, oh how honoured do I feel to have a very special mention on your blog..... feel like I should be wearing my crown just now...
    Sssshhhhhh, about the girly weekend, all those mad bloggers out there may all want to join in the fun & not quite sure that even the SECC or NEC could house all us mad nutters at the same time.... Much appreciation for all the support I have received & I know that Ann appreciates it too.
    Hip Hip Horray for BIG MOMMA KATH

    Love ya loads as you know.
    Lorraine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Yayyy for the Fiskars Frillies!! Oops.. I mean Fillies!! lol ;o)

    Sounds like a fab weekend... I hope you all have a blast.. you deserve it. :o)

    Big hugs to all, Chris xx


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