Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Guy is Driving Me Nuts

Why is it when I have finished work for the night...have a little bit of me time and am sitting at the old 'puter...minding my own business..with a cup of coffee...happy as larry....trying to catch up with all my bloggy friends....does Mr Blogger decide he is having a "GO SLOW" it just me that he is trying to irritate or has he got it in for everybody. No matter what I try to do...leave a a blog...upload a piccie.....he is refusing to co-operate.
OK matey....see if I off to have an early night....snuggling up with the latest copy of "Simply Cards & Papercraft" which arrived this morning. Did you see my fabby boss Anice from Funky Hand featured in the little booklet of Designer Cards that came with the mag...TOOOT...TOOOT..ANICE.
Night..night..everybody....sleep tight....catch up with you all tomorrow.....Love Kath xxxxxx


  1. Well he's chucked me off several blogs tonight - swine!!!!! I thought maybe he didnt recognise me cos I hadn't been here for so long lol xxx I seem to be ok on here - touch wood!! Hope you are well my lovely friend - I have missed you xxxxx

  2. Evening Kath..I think he has it in for a few of us then..cos the same happens to me!!!
    He`s awful rude isn`t he!!!lol...
    Well `Nite Nite Sleep tight`....
    `Mind the bed bugs dont bite`
    `Sweet Drems` mmmm..................

  3. Hi Kath :)
    Maybe it was something to do with the scheduled maintenance they did??? Might have had a glitch or something.

    Hope it all works out for you and you can explore problem free!!

    I had trouble with my google reader for a few days and I must say I did get a little miffed!!
    Maybe its the full moon !!

  4. Trust you to see my card Kath..I had to submit that so long ago I'd forgotten about it!! HeHe I got front cover though!!
    Anice xx