Thursday, May 13, 2010


Morning folks.....what a strange week it's was me thinking it was summer and time to give the shorts and t-shirts an airing.....but the weather has had other ideas.....blimey one minute it's blue sky and brilliant sunshine and then it's snowing.....the world's going mad and after all the debacle this week of our political system....we have a new Government and am I excited by the prospect....not in the slightest....will it make any difference to you and me....I doubt far as I can see they are all tarred with the same brush.
But there is a little glimmer of hope in this mad mad world...look what arrived yesterday....

these Tim Holtz goodies....I have been trying to hunt these beauties down for ages.....everywhere I went it was the same old....out of stock....pre-order....awaiting frustrating until I found them on QVC....quite by accident I might add....and you can get them too.....they will be featured today on the Sizzix show today at if like me you have been frustrated at not being able to get your hands on them.....get over there now...because they are sure to sell out.
The item nos are 589401...589402...589403 and 589404
And what am I doing today....still in Timmy mode I'm afraid.....getting all inky and mucky with TH's fabulous Distress Inks...can't show you the finished articles but hey no harm in a little sneaky peek or two...

can you see a theme going on here?
I have been pondering for quite some time with a bit of a personal problem.....well no point in beating about the bush and trying to dress it up with fancy words....I have put on a bit of weight around the old fact struggling to get the zip up on my jeans to be honest.......middle age spread one friend suggested... ah I fear not.....if the average life span is three score years and ten (70)....I think it fair to say that it is hardly likely to be middle age it what you will but it all boils down to the fact I am getting FAT......and it's not as though I don't get any exercise...three one-hourly walks a day with the furry boy keeps me fit although at times it darned near kills me when I don't watch where I'm going and take a tumble.   I eat healthily....lots of fruit and veg and this would be a typical lunch time snack followed by a yogurt......

one of my favourites...smoked salmon with just a teeny bit of honey and mustard dressing.....OK the cheese is a bit of an indulgence and is loaded with fat but hopefully offset by the tomatoes and
have I now developed a spare tyre that wouldn't look out of place on the back of a 4x4 or indeed hanging from the side of a ship......any suggestions will be gratefully received

Catch up with you all tomorrow for a sneaky peek of my Penny Black Saturday DT card which I haven't made yet by the way so instead of pondering being an old fatty.....I should get on with the job in hand.
Hugs Kath xxx


Anesha said...

Hi Kath, glad your got your dies. the flower one is just wonderful, have fun with them all. Strange weather down here as well, my poor vegetable have got frost damage! Hope your furry baby is doing well, tell him we miss seeing him online! Hugs Anesha

Dolly said...

Love the sewing theme on the sneaky peeks Kath can't wait to see them. Reminds me I must ink up the vintage sewing stamps I got at Ally Pally, just not enough hours in the day is there...
Sorry can't help you with the spare tyre, developing one here too! :)x

Unfading Spring said...

HI Kath, love the sneeky peeks, can't wait to see them.
As for the weight gain, you can blame it on your age, trouble with exercise is the body gets used to it, the more you do the more you have to do.
Join Weight Watchers worked for me lost 33lbs, only 5 to go to goal, but boy it has been hard but worth it, your lunch looks very nice but would cut the cheese by half 40g is 4.5 points

Big hugs Carolxx
p.s. will be glued to QVC at 11am too. well done on getting your Tim Holtz. better get over there before it all goes, now you have told the world.LOL

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the heads up on the dies Kath, they are showing at free p&p - is that correct?
Omg, I'm so tempted!
Jen x

CraftyC said...

Gorgeous dies Tim has released. I've just turned 40 and have developed a spare tyre, middle age spread whatever peeps want to call it. Put myself on a low fat diet, pref under 5 grams and have lost 9lbs in 2 months.

Kat said...

Love the sneaky peeks Kath. Can't wait to see the whole cards.

I'm a bit disgusted with myself weight-wise at the moment. But somehow I can't seem to mend my ways. I walk dogs too but obviously not enough lol!

Kat xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Kath.. Don't want to scare you, hun, but you should get yourself checked out. I've heard that a pot belly can be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Chances are you've just gained a few pounds, but you can't be too careful (unless of course you've had them whipped out at any point!!).

You know my history, though, so you know I would be a fan of getting anything suspect checked out EARLY!

Personally, I hope that all it is is that you're getting FAT, woman!!" ;o)*lol*

Chris xx

Barb said...

I love your blog, Kath! Makes me smile each time I visit! Today you had me laughing!! Love that! So fun that you got your hands on the TH dies! I know you'll create amazing things with them! Thanks for the sneak peeks! Can't wait to see more! Hope it'll be soon! Hugs! :)

Enfys said...

Those sneaky peeks are tantalising Kath, especially the first one, can't wait to see. As for fat...............fat? You look gorgeous girl, look how the storm troopers fell over at your feet in adoration at the NEC
big hugs
En xx

Anonymous said...

love those dies, waiting on some texture folders myself!

Bettythebaglady said...

Kath Lets face it will you ever get into your wedding dress again? I know I won't but I wish I was joining you for lunch smoked salmon and Tim Holz WOW all we would need would be a drop of the ole champers. Good job I missed that show on QVC was struggling with a digi download and forgot-probably did my credit card a power of good.Wish I was coming to the demo too.Hugs BettyXXX

Lin said...

So much to comment on today! I can't WAIT to see what you do with those TH numbers there! QVC,huh? I used to be a QVC queen here until DH retired and put a screeching halt to that! I must go look on our version to see if they're carrying these.

As to the added weight, it happens to the best of us. Have you looked at the South Beach Diet? You get lots to eat and it's good; haven't found many of the recipes that I don't like. The best part is that the weight comes off the tummy fist, usually within the first 2 weeks. Give it a look. And if it makes you feel any better, I'm in the same boat with you. Like my sweets too much :)
Good luck with whatever plan of attach you come up with!

Mummylade said...

Loads of fun to be done with the TH stuff. I have the hinge thingies and a friend came over to cut some out and the cuttlebug turned from green to sizzling red after a while =)

Unfading Spring said...

Hi Kath,
Me again, thanks for the tip about the TH dies managed to get the flower and butterfly die before it sold out.

Big Hugs Carol xx

HazelQ said...

Ohh can't wait to see those cards :) and about the spare tyre you can try to eat one grapefruit before breakfast everyday. My mom says it helps to loose weight and you help your body by consuming vitamin C. It's probably a good idea to eat less cheese :P and not eat between meals, I know sounds hard, I'm struggling with that lol

Sue said...

Hi Kath
oh gorgeous new goodies to play with, luv the birdcage, dinner looks lovely,sue,x

Suzie Q said...

Hi Kath,
oh how I love your daily chat!!
not to mention your fab cards - can't wait for the unveiling of these two x
Well as for the spare tyre i also have one but know full well where mine comes from - bread bread and more bread - me luvs it !!!!
maybe i should join you for lunch and those doggy walks x
lol x
Suzie Qx
if in doubt breathe in !!!!

nnalorac said...

Love the new dies, but I'm going to resist for the time being, although the butterfly looks gorgeous. Love what I can see of the sneak peaks. The spare tyre, well it's all the goosebumps with this weather and they aint deflating till the sun come out so don't worry only a temp. problem, he he. If only. nnalorac.xx


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