Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Summer?

Morning folks....it's summer....we've had 3 gorgeous days on the trot but just in case it turns out like last year....one week in May....I am taking full advantage....the cubbyhole has been deserted and it turns out Mr Mojo has had the same idea....he's off on a jolly somewhere....no point in getting myself in a tizzy....so I am skipping off work for a few days and spending my days in the garden and today Oliver is coming to keep us company....he is a bit young to be let loose in the cubbyhole so it's definitely going to be a no crafty kinda day so even more reason to bunk off.
And I was all set to introduce you to my new best friend or so I thought.....

but it turns out it is going to be a brief acquaintance.   Now forgive me...silly old moo that I am....for thinking if I bought a sewing machine it would actually sew...I will admit it is tres cute and dinky...very lightweight and looked ultra chic in the cubbyhole but it couldn't sew for toffee....no amount of twiddling the tension knob made any difference....and after mountains of wasted card and paper....it's packed back in the box and will be returning to whence it came.  So down from the depths of a cupboard upstairs came my trusty old Singer....35 years old if it's a day....a little dust down and a bit of tension adjustment and off it went....sewing just like it should... even through 300gsm cardstock.....and after thousand of miles of stitching over the years...there is life in the old girl yet.
Off to walk my gorgeous hooligan....have a quick flick round with Mr Dyson before my other gorgeous hooligan arrives....and fingers crossed the weather holds and they can both be out in the garden letting off steam while I put my feet up and watch the flowers grow.
Hugs Kath xxx


Littlebearcrafts said...

You can't beat an old Singer machine.
Have a lovely time in the garden.
Clare x

Macpurp said...

have fun with both you gorgeous hooligans!
lots of love Tina & co x

Deirdre said...

Laughing at your story.... love the red.... but you can't beat Singer!

Enjoy the sunshine, raining here today!!!

Emma said...

Hi Kath upon reading this post I have recently had the same prob with a new sewing machine again like yours this is just a little dinky one I brought mone from Pound stretcher. After 3 sewing machines of trying to get it to sew and not get tangled up and only punch but not sew the problem was I was threading the needle wrong, the answer the thread must go from front to back through the needle...problem now solved and I'm sewing although terribly lol! Wonder if this might be the prob hun. let me know Emma x

Eveline said...

Have fun in the sun and with Oliver.

Carol D said...

Hi Kath, Summer! who are you trying to kid. Just got the cushons out for the garden chairs, like you, a quick flick round with the old dyson,turn around and the clouds are out. Summer over, missed it.
Have good day with Oliver.

Big Hugs Carol xx

Suzanne said...

They do say the old ones are the best, Kath. Hop eit stays nice for you today. I, unfortunately must start the decorating in the bedroom or it will still be like this next year, lol
Suzanne x

Kat said...

Certainly a gorgeous day to be out Kath. Even warm! Bit of a surprise cos we are usually too near the North Sea to have a day without a wind!

Have a lovely day with your 2 boys. Maddy and I have had one lovely walk so far but I need to go to work this afternoon - yuk!

Kat xx

Sarpreet said...

the old sewing machines are better! I bought a new one recently, couldnt work it out for the life of me!!! So I had to take it to the shop - who said they could do nowt. So I got chatting to a lady at a sewing machine shop - who helped me out! But i struggled sewing on card - i thought maybe it was the card - but it sounds like it is not.

Crafting Queen said...

Beautiful machine shame it did not work. Hope you and the handsome boy have a great walk. Anesha

Wiccababe said...

my mum and dad had an antique Singer in their shed (must ask what happened to it) it was biult into its onw table and you worked it with a treadle - fantastic machine
I fancied one of the wee ones cos I thought it would be easier to keep handy than my big machine, but maybe I'll just stick with my trusty big heifer of a machine now
have a great day in the sun

Barb said...

They don't make 'em like they used to! That's for sure! Glad the old one still works for you! Have a fun 3 days, Kath! :)

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kath

Well the photo of your new machine does look rather nice - just goes to prove that looks aren't everything!

Hope you enjoy your day in the garden.


Lynda said...

Nothing like a few days away from paper to recharge the batteries. Might as well make most of the sunshine too - enjoy it while you can Kath.

Love Lynda xxx

Anne said...

Hi Kath , hoping to get to cubbyhole early next week -- checked with Lyn for a time so will email you tomorrow --- maybe I can help with the liitle blighter of a sewing machine ---- thought it was supposed to be pink or is it just embarrased cos it can't sew ???
Hugs Anne xxxx