Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're having a Heatwave

And not before time..........summer has arrived in the North East of Scotland....three days in a row...that must be a world record. I've been having a little potter in the garden this morning and the plants are sure enjoying the sunshine too...take a peep at these little beauties.....the wonders of nature never fail to amaze me. I can't believe the clematis never usually flowers until mid August and already it's laden with blooms and hundreds of buds.

I had the laziest of days yesterday....just couldn't get my motivation going....not good enough Mrs.....lots of projects and DT stuff to catch up my crafting partner on the case?...I fear not......caught napping on the job......well I think a verbal warning may have to be issued....don't you realise Buddy we have deadlines to meet......the least he could do is lick up all the little sticky bud papers littering the floor....YEAH..YEAH..MUM...I'M LISTENING.
Hope the weather is great where you are and enjoy the rest of your week....Kath xxxxxxx


  1. well what can I say the first time my DH has been interested in blogging WHY? because he wanted to take another look at Buddy!!!!!!

  2. Weather here fantastic too!!

    Beautiful flowers!

  3. Weather here is great! Lovely pics, Kath. Poor Bud looks popped! Bless him! You work him farrr too hard! ;o)

    Heather xx

  4. Hi Kath,
    Weather here in Bedford is gorgeous, in fact if it wasn't for the breeze we would be sizzling by now!!
    Great picture of Buddy :) oh, and your 2s4y card is 'da bomb'

    Carol x

  5. Scorchio in the west coast of Scotland too Kath, Buddy is just gorgeous. Enjoy the weather, great flower picccis too.

  6. Ah hasn't the weather been lovely?? I am a down a bit from you but we have been having the same glorious weather as you Aberdonians!!! Love your blog, the cards you made with the funky hand stuff are amazing :)

    Amanda xx

  7. Mwwwaaah!! Kath you are so funny!
    Buddy looks heatwaved!!!
    Weel we did have good weather up in PHD until today, dull grey and loads of fog!!
    Better be better next week on holiday for a fortnight!!

    Love your photos too!


  8. It's me again
    Fairy Award Mother!!!
    Stop on by have one for you...


  9. I am hereby nominating you!! Visit my blog here to see!

  10. Your flowers are blooming gorgeous my lovely & I'm so jealous as my poor garden has been quite neglected of late but trying to make up for it now that the good weather is here.
    Poor Buddy suffering heat exhaustion, looks like he found the perfect spot to sleep it off.

    Lorraine xxx