Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It's been a week of nose to the grind with DT stuff, card orders and projects so I thought it's only fair that I should have a little reward.....a little treat....well that's my excuse that means something for my crafty hoard.... CAN YOU GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT.....
I thought we might have a little competition here....I was meaning to do a Blog Candy Give-away when I reached 20,000 hits, but hey I must have blinked because it's way past that now so here's the deal....
YOU TRY AND GUESS WHAT I HAVE BOUGHT.....LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR ANSWER AND THE CORRECT ANSWER WILL GET A BUNDLE OF GOODIES....if there is a will be a "names in the hat" job. Now I can't post a piccie because part of the Blog Candy has something to do with this item.
A few is one item, a real must have...lucky to get one and because it won't arrive for about 2 weeks...and that is a bit of a clue as well... I will leave a post at the top of my blog until the item arrives. Well what are you waiting for get guessing and GOOD LUCK.
P.S. There is one little lady (and you know who you are..who can't enter for this...'cos she knows what I have as a little thank you for keeping stume..I will be sending you a little something.....thanks mate.


  1. My lips are sealed, super glued and pegged very tightly shut for tis I to whom I think you are referring Mrs Kath ??? Incidentally I think this is a fabulous idea - I love it actually xxxx

  2. I would say...
    "The New Martha Stewart Punch" Kath...well whatever it is sounds like it will be nice!!!
    Have a lovely Evening:)x

  3. Hmmm, I have no idea what it could be....but I'll guess a new cuttlebug embossing folder of some sort!

  4. Hmmm I opt for the Fiskars Waterfall Punch possibly purchased from America.....

    Love ya babe
    Lorraine xxx

  5. Ah, well if it's Dawny P,
    Then it can't be me!
    So I'll go on and guess,
    And hope the answer's 'yes'!
    I'm no great poet,
    But I think I know it..

    At least, I hope it's... binding?

    Could it be a Bind-It-All?

    Heather xx

  6. Ah-ha!! Is it, a life sized cardboard cut out of Mr T Holtz, complete with all the ink you will ever need???

    Bet it is!!!

  7. Mmmmmmm..... you've got me with this one! I'm racking my brains here, but it is a bit late at night so going nowhere fast! I think it may have something to do with a certain someone who you worship and adore - Mr Tim Holtz! Just a hunch!

  8. hmmm... well I will guess what I wish for...

    a cricut jukebox?!?!?!?

    he he he... not sure if you have a cricut, but I do and I soooooooo want one of those!!! ;)

  9. The only thing I can think of is the new Slice by Making Memories. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  10. Must be something from Tim Holtz! :P Melt Art? Something from his Idea-ology line? Hmmm...

  11. Hmmmmm - let me see Kath. Would it be the fab new Martha Stewart Doily Punch. It is so gorgeous and a real must have!!! Keep up with the great work on your fab blog.

  12. I am guessing the Fiskars Threading water punch - since you hinted at its availability issues ! lol

    Altho' I dare say the Martha Stewart ones are my real must haves in my book ! lol quite a few of them !

  13. Hiya Mrs, oh I think u've spoiled yourself by investing in one of the new Fiskars threading waterfall punches, I hope for you that it is as you are in love with them. Can't wait until you tell us what u have bought yourself, you deserve it. Karen

  14. Mmmmm
    I think it's the new Fiskars ribbon threader punch ...just cos i want one myself rofpmsl.
    Chriss x
    good luck everyone.

  15. Being that I am from America....It could be anything. I know the hard to find items here are the Martha Steward Punches and the cuddlebug folders. So my guess is a Martha Steward punch.

  16. I think you bought the Spellbinders Wizard die cutter. Guys think ANYTHING we buy is spoiling ourselves!


  17. Let see...The Fiskars threading waterfall punch...or t!m's new grungeboard. Punch or grungeboard.. This thinking is hurting my head LOL...Ok I'll go with "The new Punch"
    Terri (

  18. I have to agree, I think it's the Fiskars TW punch. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  19. I think you have treated yourself to the new Cricut Jukebox!

  20. I think it's either a Sarah Kay stamp or a Rachelle Ann Miller stamp. Hmmm. Can't wait to see what it is.

  21. Hhhhmmmm well I know that the new Slice by Making Memories is coming out soon, and you did mention that it is one item and that part of the blog candy has something to do with it. So that is my guess, the 'Slice' by Making Memories.

  22. I am also saying the Making Memories Slice, just seen it in a magazine today and it is an object of desire.

  23. I'm going to guess the New Fiskars Rock Paper Trimmer :)!!!

    kim3timemom@yahoo dot com

  24. Oh Dear! Sooo many possibilities - I am going with the Slice - It is definitely a must have for me!!
    Perfect for the crafter with limited space!!


  25. I believe it is the next kit from Rasberry Ribbons. What ever it is I hope you have a great time playing with it.

  26. Hum..... Fun candy Cathy. A lovely Martha Stewart punch is a good guess, but Im going to go for a stash of Bellas.
    Sally. x