Saturday, July 26, 2008

Penny Black Saturday Challenge 7

Another week of feasting my eyes on all your fab creations featuring snow....well done everyone....and I can't believe it's time for the next challenge.....where does the week go.
The challenge this week on Penny Black Saturday "DOWN ON THE FARM" featuring something you would find down on the farm...well I chose a "MOO" cow...a name that my children used to use and it's sort of stuck.
I love COWS...they have such gorgeous big soft eyes and eyelashes that any girl would die for... I love the way that they can lick their noses with their big slubbery need for tissues there then ..just a pity they don't have the same self cleaning mechanism for the other end. Did you know that our loony government is debating at the moment how best to solve a rather delicate problem....well apparently all these cows releasing gas into the atmosphere (or farting to you and me) is affecting the ozone layer.....PLEEEEASE.... GIMME A BREAK......haven't you anything better to do with your time....whatever forced to have Porta Coo Loos in their fields or cows wearing Pampers... I am often stopped in my car by a herd of cows ambling back to their field after milking hurrying these girls ...they are coming through regardless and they are certainly no respecters of wing mirrors...they love to be up close and personal with the car and if perchance you happen to have the window open you are liable to get a big smackaroonie of a lick from a gorgeous bovine.....well I don't have any issues with your gas emissions our bard Rabbie Burns said "LET WIND BE FREE WHERE ERE YE BE". They haven't thought of taxing that yet but watch this space.....the nanny state brigade are probably working on it as we speak!!! Have a great weekend folks.....Kath xxxxxx
  • Papers: Basic Grey Sultry
  • Image: Penny Black "Bundle of Wishes"
  • Ribbon: Dovecraft
  • Rub-ons: Doodlebug - All Mixed Up


traciejane said...

Wow Kath another fabulous card, I love it. These cows are so cute and like you said to Becky think we've all gone cow mad this week,lol. You always give so much inspiration - fabulous.
Have a great weekend
hugs :)x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Brilliant card and a fantastic post. You've got me in stitches here. Loving the humour. That has fair cheered me up this morning. Thank you!

ella bella said...

love this card Kath the layout and design is fabulous as always. love how we have all gone for cows lol great minds think alike :)
have a lovely day
Tracy x

Sue said...

Love this - I've left something on my blog for you. I see you already have it - quite understandably - but no matter. Have a good weekend ...

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Fab card!! Love the cow. I was brought up on a dairy farm and cows are my favourite animals.

Lorraine Robertson said...

Fab design & love the colour combo.

Lorraine xxx

mueppi said...

Hi Kath, Deine Karte ist wieder wunderschön!

I have something for you on my blog!
Hugs Gisela

froebelsternchen Susi said...

this is a great color-combination...
and the wonderful details...fab!!!


Sue said...

I love this card Kath and i must treat meself..Again to some of these cow stamps,they are it:-)


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! Saw plenty of cows yesterday on the nursery trip who were weeing, pooing and trumping!!

You'll have to see my blog to know what I mean!

Love the pinkness of the card - I think pink goes really well with cows!

Scrapmumur said...

OH...I love your composition!!!
Your cow is so pretty!!!
Great card!
Hugs Mumur

cats whiskers said...

Hi Kath, you always come up with something special ad this weeks no different, I love the colours you have chosen, and I do so love reading you blog you always cheer me up
Lots of Hugs
Jacqui xx

Peet said...

Fabulous card, Kath!!!

Sue said...

Hi Kath - something else to make the cabinet buckle - lol

Heather (Craftling) said...

I love these cows, too, and my entry will be one. It has a Scottish twist, and it would have been great if Penny Black did a heilan' coo, but I don't think they do, sadly. Och, well.

Will post it on my bloggy thing tomorrow.


Heather xx

Holly said...

Hi Kath i love your card the cow is so cute and i thought it was so funny your story about the cows :)
I have left something for you on my blog

give Buddy a hug for me pls
have a lovely day
Holly & Cleo

Lindsay Spencer said...

That card is too cute. I love the message on it.

Allison said...

what a lovely card Kath and i agree about just letting your wind blow free!

Dawny P said...

Oh I do so love this card Kath xxx Love the old moos on it as well lolxx

Now, about this ridiculousness re the farting cows - let's not beat about the bush. Perhaps they should try corks - and also on the cows lol xxx!! It is absurd and I do think sometimes they have too much flippin time on their hands. No matter that there are still children living in poverty in this country and the economy is up to its eyes in all sorts of trouble. Nooo, lets all ignore that and concentrate on the over enthusiastic methane production of the cow population!! Oh I am on a rant now lolxx And have you heard the latest batch of (I will be polite) detritus? They are trying to ban the Red Arrows from doing a flying display at the 2012 Olympics. The reason??? Cos they are too British!!!!!!!!!! Word fail me and I am going for a lie down in a dark room now lol xx

Hope you are having a fab weekend xxxxx

Heide said...

Your card is so cute. I like the image and all the colors and ribbons but most of all I like the way you choosed for the sentiment. Real great!



Sandra said...

Hi,lovely card,i now need some cow stamps,where abouts shall i put them on my ever growing wish list...
Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your kind comments.
Sandra x

Nikki said...

OH THIS IS SO CUTE! Love the sentiment with that adorable cow.


LOUISE said...

Kath, your Moo-cow is great, I uv cows tooooo!

Becky said...

What a gorgeous card Kath! I love the colours and the sentiment! We are all a bunch of cows this week lol!
Love Becky xx

rosalien said...

I love this card. And the text is great, it made me smile.:) I love the image too.


Jenny said...

such an excellent card - love it!

Zoe said...

Gorgeous Card x

Kathryn said...

Very cute card!
Love everything about it -- the saying it great!
Your work is amazing! TFS!!

Antje said...

I just love your card... the 'moo..d for luv' ist a great idea.... lovely details and wonderful color combo
Have a nice day

Richelle said...

Great card! love the MOO cows. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

KarenB said...

Oh Kath, that card is fabmoolous!!! I am a lover of all things cow myself - my kitchen is just a-moo-sing with all the cute cows I have!!!

Now taxing because of gases??? Puhleeze!!! I sure hope that doesn't set a trend because I'll be broke with my husband around!!!! ROFL

Have a beautiful day!!!


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