Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cards for Maggie's Centre

The appeal for cards for Maggie's Centre is now closed...can I just say I am overwhelmed by the response and the generosity of everybody who has sent cards...I have already delivered over 80 cards to my friend and have about another 80 sitting here.....thank you so much and let's hope that we raise lots of money for this worthwhile cause...they are run entirely from donations and receive no Government aid whatsoever. As there are still some cards on their way, I will leave the post on the sidebar for  another few weeks and then I will choose a name out of the hat to receive a goody bag....THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


  1. Oh, poop! I have been waiting to get some appropriately sized envelopes. Tried to get some last Saturday, but they didn't have the right sizes. Serves me right for making unconventionally-sized cards! (sigh)

    Heather xx

  2. Can I just say how sorry I am for being a forgetful dope and not getting round to sending you some cards :o(

    I feel awful! Great news that you got so many - hope lots of money is raised :o)

  3. Glad you got so much cards Heather - it's for such a great cause - glad to help..
    Hope you raise zillions!!!


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