Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Monday And a NEW WEEK

It's Monday Morning Folks and I am hoping that this week is better than last....a strange week of incredible HIGHS....which I can't share with you yet and lots of LOWS...mostly this stinking "won't go away" cold and the monotony of making the same card over and over again. Your bloggy buddy has had her "OH WOE IS ME" hat on  and was feeling rather sorry for herself and that ain't like me at all.    To be honest I ain't much good at doing miserable and usually find something to lift my spirits and make me smile....and what was the magic potion I hear you ask.

Went off to bed early last night with a book that my sister gave me for my birthday " At my Mother's Knee and other low joints" by Paul O'Grady aka Lily you either love him or loathe him but I have always admired his quick wit and ability to come up with that stunning one liner just at the right time.    So I snuggled down....watching the blizzard outside...Buddy was fast asleep and snoring.....and started to read.....let me tell you I couldn't wait to get to the next was just like sitting in a comfy armchair in front of a roaring fire and someone telling you their life story and I could even hear his voice as I soaked up each word....absolutely rivetting and very funny.
Glanced at the bedside's 2.30am....and I am at the stage I need to go in search of matchsticks....can't wait to continue the rest of the story tonight.....but I must share with you one little anecdote that had me rocking with laughter.
He makes no secret of the fact that's he's GAY and when he first moved to London as a young man about 19....he started to frequent GAY CLUBS.....where the old queens would buy the young guys drinks and the unspoken rule was that they would expect  "you know what" in return.   Paul was unaware of this and had been gaily accepting drinks all evening but as he was particular old queen shouted out..."Hey I bought you a owe me a  *****" and here was the reply

Paul.....Hey mate it would take more than a half of cider.
Queen.....What would it take then....ten bob.
Paul....No matey....more like a frigging general anaethestic......

Cold no better this morning...need to go to pharmacy and get some stuff to relief this stuffed up head feels like it is gonna burst but I am soldiering on......the cards are finished and I am just completing the inserts and personalisation now......nearly there and then I am gonna sleep for a week....catch up with you all later.....Hugs   Kath xxxxxxxx
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Kath sending you big hugs my friend, hope you are feeling better soon and manage to shift this lurgy. Thanks for heads up on Pauls book I love him and was thinking of this book will poop it on me crimbo list for Santa. Take care x

  2. mornin kath!sorry to hear you have a stinking cold thankfully not caught one yet although i was stuck in bed all day friday with a stomach bug...not very nice at all.still don't feel right now.i think paul's fab too and would'nt mind reading that book meself.hope you feel better soon hugs amanda x x

  3. Glad to hear your on the mend hun! I too have read Paul O'Gradys book, it really is a great read! Cant wait for his next installment lol xxx

  4. I have to get that book :-) it sounds really good and i do like Paul , he is just sooo funny. Your blog is fab , i wish i had seen your bit about how to get the " here" thingamajigi a few days ago ! I have spent the whole weekend trying to work out how people DO that !! have worked it out now with a little help from my computer guru ( my best mate's husband :-))

  5. He He! I love Paul O'Grady - like you Kath I love his quick wit, it's funny but my nan's friend loved his book and my mum just couldn't get into it at all!!
    It takes me all my time to read a craft mag never mind a book!!!
    Hope you're cold get's better soon - Get some vitamin C extra strength tablets....


  6. oh Kath I do hope that you're feeling much better today, at least the card orders are finished! That Paul O'Grady book sounds like one to add to the Christmas wish list!
    Take care, xx

  7. Oh honey you're just not doing the best right now are you.. please stop overdoing it & just put your feet up & rest for a day or two...

    Big hugs & kisses
    Lorraine xxxx

    Hope you feel better really soon..x

  8. i hope you feel better soon.
    sounds like you have been buring the candle at both ends with all your cards!
    were all the xmas card orders you made all the same design?

    much love tina xx

  9. Hope you're feeling better Kath.That Paul O'Grady book sounds like a little stocking filler for my mum.She loves his talk show.

    Cass xxx

  10. OOOhhh! I think that book will go on my Christmas list for moi!!

    Hope the cold gets better!


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