Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sneeky Peek Thursday

Morning Folks.....this is exciting ain't's sneeky peek Thursday and this time it's my DT card for the Penny Black Saturday you can hardly contain your excitement.

It's OK...don't worry...your bloggy buddy isn't losing the plot....just trying to keep my spirits up while I finish off the last 66 cards.....yes.....nearly there.   But just when I think I am focused on the job in hand.....the postie arrives.......with my monthly kit from My Creative Scrapbook and this one is an absolute beauty.. gorgeous papers from Fancy Pants......and lots of scrummy embellies, ribbon etc...rub-ons and feast your eyes on that sheet of fabulous black words.....ooooh....this isn't fair......

NO... I am NOT...NOT... going to be being very restrained and it has been put away with the rest of the stuff I can't play with.....I did think I might have a temper tantrum and stamp my feet a little but there ain't anybody here to impress so I'll just have a little sulk instead.
Another day at the office as they say......see you all tomorrow on Tag You're have only one day left to get your tag made to be in with a chance of winning the fab give-away from Heidi Grace.....believe me you don't want to miss can make shed loads of card with this kit.  Will be announcing the winner around 9...ish on Friday morning.
A little puzzle for you it SNEEKY......or  SNEAKY.....I'm sure there will be somebody out there in bloggyland with brains who can enlighten us all.....I always think they both look right and never know which one to use......  Love Kath xxxxxx


  1. Dictionary: sneaky (snē'kē)


    sneakily sneak'i·ly adv.
    sneakiness sneak'i·ness n.

    Thesaurus: sneaky

    So slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation: catlike, feline, furtive, slinky, sneaking, stealthy. See move/halt.
    Trickily secret: furtive, secretive, sly, sneaking, surreptitious. See honest/dishonest.
    Marked by treachery or deceit: devious, disingenuous, duplicitous, guileful, indirect, lubricious, shifty, underhand, underhanded. See honest/dishonest.

    So I guess its SNEAKY!! LOL

  2. Oh and that kit is to die for!! The sneaky peek looks lovely. Hope you are now feeling much better!

  3. Oh Kath you really have made me chuckle this morning! Just keep reminding yourself that the torture of Christmas cards will be over soon....! LOL Hope you are well babe. Hugs Em.x

  4. Yep, my vote goes for Sneaky. I hate it when I look at a word and yes it looks right..then I change it and still looks right, lol!!
    But honest it's sneaky!!

  5. My vote says its sneaky.
    I love that kit..someone's going to have fun!!

  6. Oh this looks very interesting indeed to showed lots of detail & colour... you nasty nasty tease you... we love it really.

    That stash pile looks delicious & I'm sure you'll get your skates on with the rest of your orders so that you can get back to playing sooner rather than later...

    I'm off to check out My Creative Scrapbook now.

    Huge hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  7. It's deffo sneaky. But sneeeky looks better - more 'sneeky' I think lol xxx Some words just 'do what they day on the tin' don't they. My faves are odious and fornicate - they are fab words and if you didnt know what they meant, you could sort of work it out from how they sound. And Richard loves galoshes (strange boy, but I think it is a throw back from Mr Jeremy Fisher!!) What is it with this crazy language of ours!!! Can't wait to see the challenge on Saturday now I have some PB stamps :) And thank you so much for the help with the thickers. I felt a right old thicker I can tell you when it kept going streaky (or is that streeky lol xx) I should have just e-mailed you cos I knew you'd know (you are a fountain of all knowledge xx). Oh I kep trying o pluck up courage to do a tag your it challenge but then I chicken out xxxxx

  8. Ooo what a great kit Kath - I'd just have to dive right in - Such restraint my good woman!!!!

  9. only 66 more to go!
    you are amazing mrs!

    the parcel looks very tempting!

    hugs xx

  10. Wow that kit looks fabby Kath.You'll have great fun playing with it.

    Cass xxx

  11. Kath you have the patience of a saint what with that new kit and all your lovely stash from the show you hat is off to you

    Emma xxx

  12. Gasp!!! Need that kit!!


    PS. I have FINALLY taken your advice and have some thickers on their way to me from QVC! (had to go on waitlist as they sold out)

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  14. What a fabby kit Kath, you make me chuckle. Only 66 to go.................yikes. (that's another word I love by the way, and it's sneaky, def, sneaky)


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