Saturday, February 23, 2008


This gal who is fast approaching her bus pass has decided to embrace new technology and move into the 21st century. Here are some of my favourite card designs.


Nancy said...

I think the bus pass will never happen!!! Having been the lucky recipient of many of your gorgeous creations, I am delighted to see your latest conquest here and am sure you will delight many who visit your Blog. You have created lots of "Glitter" in my life friend so keep those fantastic cards coming. xxx Nancy

mutch.banchory said...

Never mind the bus pass you won't need it for the trip to New York. Well done!! the brains still in good order your blog looks really good & keep making those gorgeous cards. Luv Little Sis xx

Kath said...

Hi Sis

Great to know that you think I am still compes mentis - don't know if I would agree. Thanks for your kind comments.
Big Sis

Sandy said...

So much fun to time travel and I love visiting your blog!


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