Monday, March 17, 2008

March is National Craft Month

Just been having a little poke around at other folks' blogs today and doesn't it just go to show you learn something new everyday. Apparently March is Women's History Month...National Caffeine Awareness Month...Foot Health Month and National Feminine Improvement Month.....can't understand that improvement necessary to this "already perfect specimen"...but most important of all's National CRAFT Month .......hey gals (and boys) it's like we need a special month when we already CRAFT .... 24/7....365.
Everyone will tell you that crafting is therapeutic and reduces stress but that only works until the credit card bill arrives with all my crafty spends - I'M NOT STRESSED but can't say the same for "grumpy - he who pays the bills".
Crafters of the world UNITE and let's celebrate our special MONTH.

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