Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Serial Dieter

I made this card for a serial other words 99% of us girls who love sweet gooey chocolatey things......yummy!!
Think I need to get a chocolate fix to cheer me up today - I have lost my trusty Fiskars scissors - the tool I can't live without - have searched the house for 2 days and have come to the conclusion that they must have landed in the bin by mistake and are now on their way to that big rubbish skip in the sky. Have searched everywhere and apart from X-raying the dog don't know where else to look. Only a crafter could be near to tears over the loss of a pair of scissors...


leann said...

I understand your scissor-loss pain Kath!
My fave pair went AWOL not long ago, but they returned in the end ~ don't give up hope!!!

Ooooh, & your cards on the pink p blog are gorgeous :)

Kath said...

Hi Leann
Thanks for your comments. Going to muck out my craft room tomorrow and fingers crossed they're just hiding.



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