Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Feeling rusty and decidedly frazzled...

Hi Everyone...I was sofa shopping over the weekend for the Cubbyhole Crew's little den...I wasn't looking forward to it but I left hubby at home so it was plain girls will know what I mean and with the delivery date 10 weeks leaves me plenty time to don my painting and decorating duds for a bit of a spring clean freshen up...sounds good in theory but fitting it into the list of things I plan to do may be a "jump up and bite me on the bum" practical nightmare. But hey is a never ending journey full of challenges and I'm thinking positive thoughts...where there's a will...there's a way.
In the meantime I'm back in the cubbyhole determined to make a dent in the crafty list but feeling a little bit rusty in more ways than one...
but the good news is...I've finally been successful with Wendy Vecchi's fabulous recipe to create a Rust Embossing Powder and will be sharing my "rusting everything in sight" project with you soon. But moving on and back to the job in hand...starting with my yummy DT parcel from Simon Says Stamp...
but there's a problem...I may need to lie down in a darkened room for a few days to recover from the traumatic experience of selling the old sofas on Gumtree...a mind numbing "can't people read for goodness sake" saga that left me decidedly frazzled and one I have no intention of ever repeating.
See you all tomorrow if I haven't been carted off in a straight jacket
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I should have come here first - I see what you mean now - nothing much changes in this world does it Kath? Having spent over 40 years in Human Resources, I know exactly what you mean!!!

    I love those gorgeous coloured packets, look forward to seeing what they are and what you do with them! Take care my friend... Big hugs, Anne xxx

  2. Living the colours of your goodies from DR parcel....can't wait to see what they are!! Hope you're over the gumtree saga!! Living the rusty look too! Hugs Ann xxx

  3. What a 'yummy' looking parcel Kath..cant wait to see what you produce with it...
    I know exctly what you mean....I'm in the process of fighting a case on ebay at the moment,, so frustrating and people DONT read things I agree


  4. Oh Kath, I had to giggle when you mentioned selling on Gumtree. A few years ago I had a compact tumble dryer for sale. Now, in the advert I listed it as a COMPACT in capital letters so that any buyers knew just what they were going to see. A couple came round, really keen to get a bargain dryer. I pulled it out of it's home in my store cupboard and the woman looked at it and said..."It's a bit small isn't it?" I gritted my teeth and said, "Just how big did you expect a COMPACT dryer to be?" Of course, I really wanted to say something else lol.
    After all your shopping and selling, what a wonderful package you got to play with. Looking forward to seeing just what you come up with. I would love to be on a DT but don't think I'll ever be good enough :(. I'm off to see what I've got in my stash now that's suitable for a male card...thank goodness I've got until the end of May to find something and make the thing lol.
    Bejay x

  5. Glad you are now happy with your 'rusting'.
    I can just imagine the problems with selling but at least it is done.
    Those goodies look interesting - enjoy playing.
    Toni xx

  6. Loving the look of your new goodies to play with. I hope you have no more problems selling your sofas.
    Linda xxx

  7. Oh Kath you make me .......Lol it can be a bit of trial and error on Gumtree l have experienced some funny things on that site too never to go back on unless l'm desperate! l'm looking at your goodies and can't wait to see what you create with them as always your so creative take care xx