Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Something Entirely Different...

Hi folks...I'm back in the cubbyhole after playing truant last week...2 days gardening...one day gallivanting with the Friday Girls and a "just couldn't gee my ginger" weekend...has left me way way behind with the crafty list and this week I really really need to get ahead of the game with some DT projects...ably assisted by the "supervising from a safe distance" Furry member of the crew...any minute now that head will be down and he'll be snoring like a train...
while I have fun with something entirely different from yesterday's all things metal project...namely the gorgeous colourful bundles that arrived in my DT parcel from Simon Says Stamp...
and for those of you who were a little puzzled and contacted me last week...it's time to solve the mystery...they are bundles of  Taylored Expressions felt..."high quality wool felt...fabulously soft and available in delicious colours" perfect for using with the Plush Blooming Heart dies from the Simon Says Stamp Spring Plush Release...if you've been bitten by the felt bug...you can also find a selection of individual sheets of Simon Says Stamp Wool Felt HERE
easy peasy to die cut and if you place your dies carefully...you can get loads out of a small piece of felt...
 and how cool is this...ready made stitching holes...
But I must away...I need loads more for the project I'm planning and tonight I'll be threading up my needle for an evening of stitching while watching TV.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath x hope you are keeping cosy x looking forward to viewing your project with these amazing felt flowers. I purchased some felt a while back to make some brooches.......needless to say they continue to lie in my fabric box !!!!
    You made me smile with your 'gee your ginger' comment.....I have not heard this in ages........I need a bit of geeing myself!!!!

    Love Buddy's picture.....such a handsome boy x

    Huge hugs
    Annie x x

  2. Oh no! I think I NEED these, Kath! I have found a very new obsession with felt...it's amazing...no fraying, you can die cut it and there are the cutest ideas all over the internet! Can't wait to see what your felty project will be and then maybe I'll have to go and do a bit of shopping?! Hugs, Lisa x

  3. Hi Kath,
    It's good to see that Buddy is keeping an eye on you while you're at work in the Cubby Hole. I have to say that you managed to catch him looking rather alert there :).
    The felt is fantastic, what great colours...It makes me want to get some just to feel the softness...and then maybe even make something out of them lol.

    Bejay xx

  4. I am looking forward to seeing your finished projects with the felt and dies Kath, these dies have become very popular and the lovely lush colours of felt make me want to try and get my sewing stash out. Great to see Buddy keeping a keen eye on you too Karen x

  5. The golden boy is looking very alert & very handsome.
    Looks like you are going to have lots of 'stitchy' fun with all that felt.
    Toni xx

  6. Oh that felt looks delicious Kath, pretty colours too can't wait for the share bit.....Buddy is so handsome, lovely pic....xx

  7. Lovely photo of the Budster - he's one handsome dog.

  8. Buddy is adorable! Looks exciting what you have cut out and can't wait to see what you create.
    Linda xxx

  9. Buddy is sure keeping those beautiful brown eyes on your every movement Kath! Look forward to seeing what you create with the lovely felt! Hugs, Anne xx