Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle...

Hi folks...the cubbyhole is closed and the Furry Boy and his Mum have set up camp in the kitchen for the foreseeable future. I may be shooting myself in the foot here but I seem to be on track with the prep for the big day. The Christmas Cake has finally got it's frosty overcoat...
with the addition of a little "a la Tim Holtz/raid the Idea-ology stash" Woodland Tree...Dancing Deer and Letterpress...decoration...
The turkey crowns have been cooked to golden perfection...
and will be sliced today...bathed in gravy and heading for the freezer.
In the meantime...a stocking-up on essentials box of goodies has arrived from Simon Says Stamp...
including the "will spend it wisely" purchase with my "12 Tags" winner prize from Tim & Mario...thanks once again guys for your kind hearts and generosity so while the roast beef is sizzling in the oven...I'm looking forward to a coffee/mince pie/Michael Buble afternoon swopping over and labelling my new Distress Paint Flip Tops.
And remember Christmas Day will be here and gone before we just go with the flow...don't get your tinsel in a'll be alright on the night...she says confidently with fingers crossed. 
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Merry Christmas Kath & Buddy! I look forward to more stunning updates from the cubbyhole in the New Year (if not before!). Shabneez xxx

  2. You really are very organised Kath! Those tops from Simon Says are brilliant, I love mine because they take up less room in my paint drawer! Have a great day swapping... Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Looking great at yours Kath. Merry Christmas and enjoy your family time xx

  4. Hi Kath.I did send an email but no doubt you have been so busy and it might have gone to your Junk Mail.Anyway,love those Turkey Crowns,we always have one as there is just the two of us every year.Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas.See you in 2017.Christmas Huggles and Cuddles for Buddy.xxxxx

  5. Wow, Kath, you are so organised!
    I have my final grocery shop being delivered tomorrow from Asda, including some fresh veggies. Last year was my first Christmas alone following my sister moving from Newquay to just outside Spalding. Before that, since we lost both our folks withing 6 months of each other, I would travel down from Hampshire to spend the holiday with her and her family and then once I moved to Truro I would go over for a couple of days so as not to be on my own. Last year I decided as it was only me, I would have frozen everything...What a disaster!! I was thinking this year I would get a Chinese delivered on Chrismas Eve and have leftovers on the big day. I've ended up getting a little turkey joint covered in bacon from Asda. It comes in a thick foil container to cook it in. I had the chicken joint last week and, although I'm a dark meat girl, the breast meat was very nice with the seasoning they'd here's hoping this year will be better in the cooking department. No cooking a cake for me, too much for one person so I'm getting a red velvet cake...yum!
    We do have a new member of the family this year though as I have a kitten was will be 6 months old on New Year's Day. He is a little treasure and adopted the dog when he first set eyes on her. My other cat still looks at him as if wondering what on earth he is but on the whole, even they get on. So I won't be alone really and I'm enjoying looking at my new 7' tree with wonder. It's the biggest I've ever had and my ceiling is only just over 8' high so the tree looks even taller.
    I'm looking forward to all your crafty blog posts in the New Year, Kath, as I know all your other faithful followers are.
    Enjoy yuour mince piues and Michael Buble...can't think of anything better...note to self: get the pies cooked for goodness sake lol.
    Bejay xx

  6. Oh my word, never seen anyone as organised as this, but then I suppose it should have been expected, your always so organised in the cubby hole Kath.....
    May you have a wonderful Christmas, eat drink and be merry, as they say....enjoy..xx

  7. Hi Kath, enjoy relabelling your distress paints with you flip tops. Your cake and turkey look delicious. I would like to thank you for all your inspiration this year and can't wait for next year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
    Linda xxx

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas Kath. Sending Christmas hugs & best wishes to you and the furry boy.
    Toni xx

  9. Happy Christmas Kath and Buddy. That food looks so scrumptious, I can almost smell it!! Hope you all have a wonderful time, lots of fun and laughter. Jan.xx

  10. Your so organised Kath sending lots of christmas wishes and all the very best for 2017 christmas is sorted no cooking or washing being taken out and so looking forward to the changes as l normally do all the cooking sending lots of love xx


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