Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My "What A Numptie " December Tag...

Hi's hard to believe that I'm posting my last tag for...
it's been a fun and inspirational year long journey revisiting old techniques. I loved both these techniques first time round and have used them often BUT if you're a regular visitor to the cubbyhole you'll know that BUT moments happen quite frequently in our crazy crafty space.
 Sometimes you sail through a project without a hiccup and silly me for thinking this was going to be one of those. I spritzed the burlap through the stencil, embossed the shadowpress sentiment, attached the tiles, added the greenery ribbon and Remnant Rubs highlights. Time to treat myself to a "polishing my halo/feeling rather chuffed with myself" sit down and a cuppa
Rude awakener when I came to do the photo and realised I'd covered up the entire stencilled background...yes Mrs Numptie went off on a tangent and shot herself in the foot yet again. I did contemplate redoing it but hey much to do and so little time so I decided to take Tim's advice and "Embrace My Imperfections" of which there are many and waffling is top of the list so let's just cut to the chase and the big reveal...
and the only bit of stencilling that is visible...magnifying glass required...bottom left hand corner

Another lesson learned...another adventure put down to experience...I'm not beating myself's a tag for heaven's sake and who's ever going to know. I'll be back soon to share my favourite Christmas annual visit to the most wonderful Christmas Wonderland right on my doorstep. 
Hugs Kath xxx