Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Spooky Goings On In The Cubbyhole...

Hi folks...August has arrived but it appears nobody has told the weather. I'm cheesed off with the sunshine one minute, teeming with rain the next leaving me wondering what to wear, will I need a jacket, should I take an umbrella. Crikey life is complicated enough without worrying about such trivialities. But the cubbyhole crew have been busy busy die-cutting and if I had to choose a favourite from Tim's new Halloween has to be THE COBWEB but it's delicate, very delicate. A word of advice from this "been there/done that/got the T-shirt" crafter... if you intend getting one, stock up on Stick-It and the Sizzix Die Tool...believe me, it will save you from pulling your hair out.
and we all know that any die cutting session results in DEBRIS...much DEBRIS
hopefully nothing that this guy can't handle but I best get a move on and put him through his paces before the grandkiddos arrive...
and last but not least there's happy mail to share...a sneaky peek of a "woohoo I do love anything Alphabet" stamp set from Simon Says Stamp latest release, launching tomorrow at noon EDT in the US or 5pm in the UK
and this Alphabet Obsessed Crafter could not resist a little playtime...
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


Redanne said...

Thanks for the advice Kath, my cobweb die (and witch) arrive today, I just can't wait - Tim's best Halloween release ever IMHO... We had hailstones yesterday, they were huge and it lasted about 10 minutes and then the thunder and lightening arrived... welcome August!!!

Hope you have a great play day today... Hugs, Anne xx

Linda Simpson said...

Oh I love the cobweb and thanks for the advice too! I know I too am waiting for the summer too arrive. So fed up with deciding what too wear too! Have a wonderful day.
Linda xxx

misteejay said...

What a super web die - thanks for the tip.
The weather is getting me down too...I'm fed up with trying to get soggy shoes dry all the time. As I look out of the office window it is yet again pouring down so it looks like another damp and uncomfortable commute home.
Toni xx

Sandra H said...

What a fabulous cobweb die and a great tip too Kath is just as bad here lots of rain and then when the sun does appear it's gorgeous about time we have more sunny days though! sending lots of love x


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