Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Crafty Day Today

Hi Folks - it's going to be a no crafty day today. OH and son are off to walk up Lochnagar for charity so just me and the dog. Up since 6.00am, dog walked, washing done and out and by the way I don't want to make you all jealous but it's a gorgeous day cleaned top to bottom, lawn mown and now am off outside to sit and have a coffee and read the newspaper before it's time for our forest walk catching up with our squirrel, rabbit and deer friends. Us crafters have such a hard life. Am off to the Car Boot tomorrow with my little sis and niece, trying to declutter my life and my craft this afternoon will be sorting everything out and then loading up the car for an early start in the morning. It's great fun meeting lots of super folk and having a laugh and hopefully coming home with some cash to spend on more crafty goodies.
Just one more day until I draw the blog candy winner, so if you haven't left a comment yet....what are you waiting for!!!

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Lorraine Robertson said...

Lucky you having nice weather. It's quite mild here but overcast. Hope you enjoy your day off as you've earned it & good luck at the car booty tomorrow.

Crafty hugs
Lorraine xxxx