Friday, September 30, 2011

Frantic Friday

Morning folks...two bonny sunny days in a row...crikey Guinness Book of World Records stuff right enough...can life get any more exciting....OH YES after weeks of planning (mucho "coffee and chat" meet-ups with my lovely buddies Debbi and Anne) our Girls Just Want To Have Fun Crafty Day is tomorrow...fingers crossed that my phobia for making lists has once again stood me in good stead....oh yes I have a real thing about making fact life in the cubbyhole would probably be chaos without them.  So far the current list is looking pretty "ticked off" but I always have that little niggly doubt in the back of my mind "HAVE I FORGOTTEN SOMETHING" and the reason being that despite all the list making...I usually do forget something.  Perhaps I need a list to check off the lists or I could just go with the "doddery old bat" excuse like I normally do.
Just time for a Penny Black Saturday sneaky peek....
before Frantic Friday kicks's going to be a quick dash trot of a morning stroll with The Furry Boy and while I pack up the car for a trip to The Papeterie to meet up with Debbi to set up for tomorrow...
the other half of the cubbyhole crew is chilling out with his bone.  
Then back home to hit Costco with the "lunch for tomorrow" list...looks like it's going to be a "running around like a headless chicken"..."not enough hours" kind of a day.  See you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday for another challenge and there are 2 fabulous prizes to be won.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Just popping by to say good luck for the Crafty Day tomorrow - not that you'll need it - it is sure to be a blast and I wish I was there.
    Have a good one.
    Debs xx

  2. Big hugs and thanks ,Kath and Debz ,for all the prep and setting up for tomorrow . Sorry not able to come .
    See you both tomorrow in Christmas and fun mode !!!!
    Anne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Morning Kath. Best wishes for tomorrow - It'll be just as fab as the first one!!


  4. Sounds like a VERY FRANTIC FRIDAY! Take care.

    Hugs, Sandra

  5. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Erika. x

  6. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Erika. x

  7. I'm KNACKERED already!!
    and OMG, just read Anne's comment and thought she said - sorry not able to come tomorrow argh lol
    It took 3 attempts to get to the bank - 1st one couldn't get parked, 2nd one didn't have enough cash and the 3rd one was just right :)!!
    see you the morn

  8. Hi Kath, hope you girls haven't stressed yourselves too much! I'm sure everything will be fine. Only one more sleep. Well I hope so anyway since I've not had much sleep the last three nights. Drat this arm! But I'm telling myself it feels better today so hoping it's even better tomorrow lol. At least I'll have an excuse for being slow!!!

    Kat xx

  9. Hi Kath, have a great day tomorrow. You sneek peek looked like it's another brilliant card. Hugs x ChrisB

  10. Hope you've got it all done by now & can have a restful night. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. Blimey i need a rest after reading this Lol.Have a Fab day.Love the pic of The Big Furry Boy.xxxx


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