Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm home...but only just...

Morning everyone...yes I'm home from sunny and even sometimes warm Harrogate to dark dreary wet and very windy there's a surprise.  I had a fandabbidosie fabulous fun weekend at GNPE with all these lovely crafters...
and I will tell you all about that tomorrow after I've recovered from my "you couldn't make it up if I tried" train journey home last be honest at one point I thought I might never see home again.  We were ahead of time as we pulled into Newcastle to be told by the Train Manager "just a fancy name for the guard" that we might be here for some time as they didn't have a driver to take the train onto Aberdeen...he suggested rather too politely for my liking that we get off and hop on the train standing alongside which was going to Edinburgh where we could pick up a train to Aberdeen.  Didn't sound right to me but I followed everyone else not exactly chuffed about lugging my extra heavy suitcase...yes jammed pack with goodies...onto yet another train.    But as I reached the train....the driver informed us that this train wasn't going anywhere fast either as he didn't have a guard....adding "get back on your train quick as I have just seen the driver get into the cab".....well I just made it back on by the skin of my teeth when the train took off without a by your leave...I do hope that those poor folks who listened to our hysterical Train Manager and had managed to grab a seat on that other train made it home safe and are not still sitting in Newcastle.
And just when you think it couldn't get any worse....the world...his wife and 2 girls with bicycles...yes you did read that bit correctly....piled onto our already packed to the rafters train in Edinburgh jamming up all the aisles...kissing goodbye to any thoughts of a relaxing journey home and no hope of any trolley service or a trip to the loo.  
We finally limped into Aberdeen about an hour late with a train load of very very unhappy passengers especially those poor souls who had missed their Inverness connection and were going to be completing their journey by bus. And no surprise when I tell you that our Train Manager and the rest of the crew seemed to disappear off the face of the earth from Edinburgh one came to check our tickets on the journey home....I wonder why.
I'm having a snuggly kind of jammie day with my bundle of gorgeous deliciousness and I'll catch up with you all tomorrow once I recover my sanity.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. So good you are home safe and sound!
    Sounds like you had a horrid journey Kath!
    Jammies and cuddles with your gorgeous boy definitely sound like the order of the day!
    kim x

  2. omgoodness just look at that queue!!!
    pleased you are home and you definitely deserve a pj day with tea and choccy biccies me thinks!!
    hugs Lou xxx

  3. Morning Both.I would say you are entitle to a lazy day.Pleased you had a good weekend.Can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  4. what a nightmare, souinds like they couldn't organise a **** up in a brewery!

  5. Lovely to see you hun, OMG I think your journey was worse than mine. When we got to Kings Cross they said it was signal failure at Dunbar that had caused the trouble. Good job we had a good time at the show :)
    Jac xxx

  6. Oh good grief! What an awful end to what was probably a great weekend!

    I sympathise.

    Enjoy your jammies day!

    Hugs, Sandra

  7. Morning Kath, I read your train story with horror - I'm scheduled to go to Skipton - 2 train changes - on Friday - will I ever get there!!! Glad your home, having a jimjam day and snuggling up with Buddy - essential for recovery - and look forward to you revealing the goodies in that, oh, so heavy, suitcase :) Elizabeth x

  8. Oh the wonders of our great British transport system - you couldn't make it up could you.

    Now onto the serious stuff LOL!! - just what did you buy and is there room in the cubbyhole for it?

    Ann x

  9. OMG Kath what a complete nightmare for you but so glad you got home safe and well. Have an easy day you really do deserve that and have a big snuggle with Buddy.

    Love Lynda xxx

  10. Oh poor you - what a horrible end to a lovely crafty weekend.... it's true - you couldn't make it up - but pleased you got home safely to lots of slobbery kisses no doubt (from your gorgeous buddy of course!!!) Enjoy your day.

  11. Glad you're home safe even if you twice the speed of our winds here in Brecon! You take care going for walkies. Enjoy your jammie day.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Huh that was a bit of an uncomfortable journey! Still you did get all your goodies home and you are safe home having a cuddle with lovely buddy! Have a rest and enjoy the day!

  13. Sounds like you were lucky to just arrive back home. And they want people to use public transport more ha what a laugh!!! Hope you enjoyed your lazy day.

  14. Doesn't sound like a fun journey Kath. Not a lot of fun but judging by the things you read it could maybe have been even worse. Lucky you got back safe and sound and only an hour late.

    Hope you've had a nice relaxing day today.

    Kat xx

  15. Oh dear, what a terrible journey, hope it doesn't put you off coming back again. Doesn't matter where you go, if you have to go home, then you just want to get there as quick as possible, delays are a nightmare. Bet no-one helped you with your goodie loaded case either.



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