Sunday, February 10, 2013

Something Old...Something New...Day 5

Hi folks...I'm loving this whole new cubbyhole philosophy of using up the old stuff along with the new and when I said I would be sharing the projects I've made for a week...well that could well turn out to be the understatement of the century. I've unearthed so much stuff that I may well be stuck in this crafty groove for expect a few more posts in the "Something Old...Something New" style
Canvas Frame
Paperartsy Crackly Tissue Paper
Studio 490 Stencils for Art
and Dylusions Number Jumble Stencil
which I've had for a while but not used as much as I should
I love this funky bird from Hero Arts
you could say this ended up another "warts 'n all" project...
The fact that this one didn't go so well is a bit of an understatement...first off...Leandra from Paperartsy suggests that you stick the crackly tissue down to the canvas with Fresco Finish Satin Glaze but I didn't have any and used Multi Medium instead...big-a-mistake-a to make...the tissue immediately wrinkled but I was determined to smooth it out so I brushed over and over it ending up with my once-crisp stamped image going a bit fuzzy...absolute disaster darling and little did that cute little funky bird realise he was going to end up an old wrinkly...
and that big "B" needs more dimension...perhaps I should have used a chipboard letter but hey this crafting thing is a great big learning curve and no matter how long you've been crafting...there's no guarantee you'll get it spot on all of the's all about hindsight...being wiser after the event and learning from your mistakes...
I'm having another painty Fresco Finish day decorating a notebook...will I have another go at the Crinkly Tissue Paper technique or will I go down a completely different road...who knows...see you all tomorrow.
And there's a gorgeous give-away over on The Ribbon Girl Blog...
so why don't you hop over and get the details of how you can enter...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Well I like it just fine - great colors .... I have a soft spot for birds!
    Sandra ltb

  2. I love it. Fun, funky and fab!
    En x

  3. And what's wrong with being a wrinkly old bird? I should know! I love it Kath - very jolly. X

  4. A very interesting project and I like the result lots, fab bird and detail. xx Flora

  5. I think we are always our own harshest critics! Your canvas looks fabulous to me Kath and I can identify with the wrinkly old bird lol!! x

  6. Hi Kath, I love it and the wrinkly bird :-) S x

  7. Hi Kath, it looks lovely...I'm not a canvas sort of person but I do love the colours and the birdie image here..pretty good to me! Have a great Sunday! Ruby x

  8. Love it Kath.Enjoy your day X

  9. You are so clever with all this arty stuff but good to know that it doesn't always go to plan for such an experienced crafter. As you say we are learning all the time and that's half the fun. Wish I could come for some lessons. Enjoy your Sunday x

  10. Oh what fun you must have had with this one Kath! I think the wrinkly bit gives the bird character - and this wrinkly bird wouldn't mind legs like that... Hugs, Anne x

  11. I think it looks fab Kath - great canvas xx

  12. I would hang in on the wall asap!!!

    xx Irene

  13. I love your philosophy of the learning curve - so helpful seeing your adventures in new directions with adapt & overcome. That bird is certainly a character & thank you for being you & making me smile.
    Paula (PEP)

  14. PS - husband trying to negotiate washing detergent/conditioner bottles

  15. oops - sorry - laptop in bed managing a migraine & he's trying to do the washing but the conditioner bottle didn't say CONDITIONER on it just Lenor! Makes one realise the things that we take for granted. He's an absolute Gem.

  16. Love what you've done with the canvas.

  17. I like your cute, fuzzy, wrinkly old bird too, I love your 3D number stencilling on this very pretty canvas. Sometimes adapt and overcome works, sometimes not so much Kath, but I love that you're brave enough to try new things, and post your results even when things don't work out as well as you planned. Saves us trying and finding out the hard way. I'll look forward to seeing your finished notebook. Alexandra x

  18. Hi Kath, love the nice bright coluurs,we need that just now to cheer us all up. I've always liked that funky bird but haven't seen him for a long time...Trish

  19. Looks pretty good to me Kath. Pretty sure none of us would have noticed the wrinkly bird if you hadn't told us. And if we had we would probably have thought it was meant to be like that.

    I've had a busy afternoon but unfortunately I haven't been crafting. I have been creating though and the results are edible, at least I hope they are!!

    Kat xx

  20. I love it Kath - but then I do love birds and shades of blue. It looks great and I'm not sure what you are not happy with - we all see our own work so differently! Have a fab night Karen x

  21. Kath it looks just fine - and we all have a few more wrinkles than we'd like, don't we!!

  22. A lovely project wrinkles and all.
    Hugs x ChrisB.


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