Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Enough is enough...

Hi folks...enough is enough...don't know about you but I'm fed up of the whole sneaky peek thing...I decided it was time to have a bit of a break from the Fiskars samples but Mr On A Mission Mojo had other ideas...crikey I've nailed the projects for the January/February/March and April Newsletters {Fiskars will be surprised}and also got a respectable pile of samples for Stitches done...in other words he's been messing with my intentions for a bit of playtime and a kick up my heels session with this month's Timmie Tag and it ain't gonna happen today either...photos to take...a challenge in itself in the "dark when you get up and dark when you go to bed" chilly rainy January weather...not forgetting the big girl knicker job of the dreaded step-by-steps...
I do love my job really...just not this bit but the thought is usually worse than the actual deed so with that in mind...I'm pysching myself up for a "let's get to it...tally ho" session.
We've also had a debris busting session with Mr D and now that he's worked his magic...the cubbyhole is looking all sparkly neat and tidy which is more than can be said for my poor "can't live without" helper...
but it soon became clear this was more than a quick baby wipe job so he's currently luxuriating in a nice hot tub of soapy suds while his filters drip dry...
and if only the clean up operation was that easy when it comes to a certain furry hooligan who took great delight yesterday belly surfing in the muddiest patch of horrible unspeakable gunge but I didn't have time to snap the naughty offender...too busy chasing him around the house armed with his bath towel to try and minimise the devastation of every wall being splattered and did I succeed....fat chance...I may not have mastered Tim's splattering technique but The Furry Boy certainly has.  All I can say is...big thanks indeedy for the wonderful man from Dulux who invented dog proof washable paint.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I love visiting your blog. Always something going on!! Your Dyson deserves a beauty bath after all that work.

  2. Always busy ,busy Kath. If you are not up to your ears in crafting it's DIY or housework. No wonder you enjoy your girly times ! x

  3. Hi Kath, sounds like Buddy enjoyed his mucky playtime! Well done you on nailing so many projects. I have yet to touch any of my beloved crafty tools this year - too many other things happening. Have a great day. Hugs, Julie xxx

  4. Hi Kath so much energy and how you manage to finish so much is amazing, well done you. Buddy sounds like he enjoyed his mud bath, don't you just love them.x

  5. Good luck with your Mojo Kath and I hope Mr Dyson enjoys the pamper session! Susan x

  6. Buddy has his mud bath, Mr Dyson is all sparkly - maybe you should think about having a pamper session yourself - you certainly deserve it after all your hard work! Hugs, Anne x

  7. Hi Kath, it's amazing how nice it all looks after a good hoover, where would we be without them? You must have the patience of a saint with the dog mess, I love our daughter's retriever but find the dog hair and the mud too much sometimes. Just not used to it I suppose, 25 years of cat hair was enough for me. Milly had her pamper day and was beautiful for two days then decided to escape into the garden again...Trish


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