Saturday, November 15, 2014

WD40 to the rescue

Hi folks...I'm not quite back in the groove but feeling cheerier after my day out yesterday with the girls...I can always rely on my "tell it like it is" mates to cut to the chase with a few home truths...apparently I'm one step away from the knackers yard...I've failed this year's MOT...the chassis is busted and the engine needs a lot of work to get it ticking over sweetly again so I hope they're saving their pennies for this year's Christmas appointment with a top Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeon or more realistically for their budget...a year's supply of WD40.
The awful weather doesn't exactly help either...silly o'clock pitch black...rain like stair rods and blowing a hooley morning strolls with my Furry friend have turned this already creaky jointed crafter into a grumpy old dripping wet "shake it all over the hall" dog and his "water running out of the arse of her breeks" companion return home to dry out before doing it all over again at lunchtime but I don't have a hot line to the man in the sky controlling the tap so it's a grit your teeth and get on with it situation.
But you could say that every cloud has a silver's perfect weather for crafting so The Furry Boy and his Mum will be heading for the cubbyhole to watch the rain run down the window...all cosy and of us getting to grips with the crafty list...the other snoring his head off snuggled up to the radiator.
So life isn't so bad after all and I'm looking forward to another fun play day with some of Tim's new goodies...

and I'll see you all bright and early tomorrow for a brand new Colour Challenge over at The Ribbon Girls.  Enjoy your weekend whatever the weather
Hugs Kath xxx


Jan Ltc said...

Gorgeous card. sorry your under the weather, hope you feel better soon xx Jan

carol edwards said...

Glad you feeling a bit better today x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Hope the weekend weather improves, cold frosty morning must be coming soon, have a good one, stat warm x

misteejay said...

Love your peeks.
Glad your day out with the girls helped.
Have a great weekend.
Toni xx

Redanne said...

Glad to hear your day with the girls went well - the weather here is a little improved today, the sun is actually peeking through the clouds.... hope it is the same for you.

Loving the sneak peeks! Hugs, Anne xx

nnalorac said...

Mmmmn, rain seems to have brain washed me Kath! Happy belated Birthday and hope your feeling more normal now! Love the sneak peek, looks like a cutie and the storage shelves look lovely in your revamped craft room. Carolxx

Bejay Roles said...

Oh poor Kath...thank goodness you're not a horse or your friends would have led you round to the knackers yard. It sounds like you have the kind of mates money just can't buy, they tell it like it is and always manage to end up making you feel better. Take it one step at a time, your mojo is waiting just around the corner for you to catch up with it. x

Sandra H said...

lol.........oh your posts are so full of every day to day life Kath and l noticed it was he snoring his head off snuggled up to the hope your feeling much better soon take care and stay warm in your craft room so we can see what your next wonderful creation will be xx


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