Monday, November 16, 2015

That "Monday Morning" Feeling...

Hi Everyone... the cubbyhole crew are a bit down in the dumps...overcome by the dreaded "Monday Morning" feeling...there's a distinct lack of crafty love this morning...not helped by the tragic events in Paris...another example of the unbelieveable inhumanity and evil man is capable of...the dark and dismal weather and the fact that Mr Mojo seems to have gone AWOL again...I'm sorely tempted to head back upstairs and snuggle under the duvet with my furry partner BUT there's a pile of work stuff to catch up with so there's no time for tea and's going to be a "kick up the bum/life's too short for complaining/get back to work" kind of day.
I'll be back tomorrow to share my fun day at The Papeterie with lovely crafty folks at the "Crazy Birds Galore" Workshop...
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Looking forward to seeing all these

  2. Oh they look such fun Kath! Hope Mr Mojo comes running soon x

  3. Oh they look so fab. That's definitely one workshop I wish I could have been at!

    And good luck getting all your work done. I have so much still to do in the next few weeks, that I can't even think about it. One project at a time, and here's hoping the Christmas card fairies will take pity on me and help me out with my pathetic looking pile of finished cards! x

  4. Those cards look brilliant Kath.....good luck with all you have to do, you always seem to pull it off though....happy crafting...xx

  5. Morning Kath once you put your mind to it they will be done in no time can't wait until the finish take care xx

  6. The Crazy Birds are looking good Kath x hope Mr Mojo returns soon x he is an awful chappie x getting back under the duvet is what I have done today and later I must head to the craft room x

    Hugs Annie x

  7. Yep know the feeling.We have just lost our beloved Ronni the mog (pic on my blog)I miss him so much.Love the crazy birds can't wait to see more.Huggles and cuddles for Buddy.xx

  8. Hi Kath,
    I think my Mr Mojo has run off with yours. Could you point him in the right direction for home if he turns up please :). These cards look like so much fun. I have the birds but it looks like I really need to save up for the accessories stamps and dies as well as they really give even more character to those crazy birds. I just wish they weren't quite so pricey as then I would be able to stock up on Ranger 'stuff' to my heart's content lol.
    Bejay x

  9. Hope Mr Mojo decides to come back asap.
    I'm sure you'll get things sorted.
    Toni xx

  10. After the tragic events in Paris, I am not surprised you feel the way you do...

    Your cards, however, are wonderful - I especially love the 'Sorry, I forgot your birthday' one - I think I need to make a few of those.... Hope the week picks up for you too! Hugs, Anne xx


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