Monday, November 23, 2015

Winter Strolls...Hot Chocolate and Happy Mail...

Hi's Monday again already and after a fun few days away to recharge the old batteries...I came home to find a little taste of winter had arrived in my neck of the woods...
and at the first sign of a snowflake...the Big Girls' Blouses at the Met Office go into severe weather warning's Winter for goodness comes around each and every year and I'm sure you'll agree that the first fall of snow is so pretty...
 I doubt if today's commuters will be enjoying it quite so much as they sit in the usual gridlock chaos...
but how lucky am I to start my day with a bracing stroll in a beautiful winter wonderland with the Snowball Catching Champion aka The Furry Boy for company...
before heading back to the cosy cubbyhole for a cup of delicious hot chocolate and a fun day with the latest "Happy Mail" parcel of Lucky Clover goodies "Sealed With A Hug" from my lovely crafty chums Brenda and David at Craft Obsessions...

Take care and stay safe if you're out and about
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Your wintery scenes are beautiful, but I'm not wanting them here yet....maybe at Christmas or in January. However, I know we have to take them when we get them. Parts of the USA have been getting wintery weather, but not here and I'll just be content to look at the pictures for awhile yet. The hot chocolate sounds good though!

  2. Lovely photos of your Winter Wonderland! Hot chocolate sounds perfect after a bracing stroll. No sign of any snow down south yet. :-( xx

  3. I don't envy you at all! We don't get snow here thank goodness.
    The new di colour is gorgeous

  4. What a wonderfull wintery scenes you've made. I can't wait to see the first snow here in the Netherlands. Hope winter will soon be here.

    greetings Silvia ( from the city Arnhem in the Netherlands )

  5. How beautiful Kath but I agree choas if you need to drive. Snow is so perfect and has such a wonderful silence to it.Wrap up warm and enjoy your Buddie walks in winter wonderland. Happy new week x

  6. What a wonderful winter woodland and a lovely shot of Buddy.
    No snow down here in the South but as you say, that's a good thing because public transport never prepare for the fact that Winter comes every year. Things have got a white covering this morning but it is the result of the first very heavy frost we've had.
    Wrap up warm and take care.
    Toni xx

  7. Oh Kath your winter wonderland pictures made my morning, I am a snow fan, I know, everyone will be screaming, but I just love to see it all and when I was fit I was the biggest kid of all....oh well, you and Buddy seem to enjoy it....have fun and thanks for sharing....xx

  8. Gorgeous photo's Kath, we had snow flurries on Sat but it didn't settle, it's just wet and chilly here! Those photographs would look great on Canvas's hung up on a wall :) xxx

  9. It does indeed look beautiful Kath! We had snow for a couple of days and a very heavy frost last night, it is bitterly cold but that's about it. Glad you had some time away and feel refreshed. I just used the Lucky Clover, it is such a rich green, my new favourite!! Hugs, Anne xx

  10. it certainly looks beautuful kath. gorgeous pics. enjoy playing with your lucky clover! hugs rachel x

  11. Ooh, Kath,
    What wonderful pictures from your morning walk! I have to say that the one thing I miss the most since moving down to Cornwall is the snow. It's snowed once since I 've been here and that was the first winter after I arrived. I hate hearing that the place I lived in Hampshire has deep snow when all we seem to get here in rain. One day they were getting 1cm of snow an hour and I was aching to be back there. My fury girl used to love going out in the snow and getting back home with her feet covered in little icy 'snowballs'. I do laugh at the way we always seem to panic here when the white stuff arrives. We always manage to get through it. I think the met office bods would all have heart failure if they were posted to Canada wouldn't they lol. The closest we've had down here so far was a heavy hail storm the other day. The poor cat got bombarded and ran inside for cover. The dog, on the other hand, wasn't stupid enough to go out in the first place lol.
    Bejay xx

  12. Kath,
    Had to stop in with a quick comment this morning from your fan across the big pond (USA-San Diego, CA), to say how beautiful your neck of the woods actually is. Not sure I could handle living in snow country, to spoiled with our great weather climate, but absolutely love visiting/vacationing it and love to ski. What a beautiful picture you have captured and I am sure the fur boy loves it.

  13. Oh hot chocolate sounds yummy! love the look of the white stuff not got any here but it's cold enough to bring it upon us take care xx

  14. Lovely pics,LOVE the one of Buddy.xx


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