Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Can you believe...

Hi folks...can you believe it's June already...the month that signals the start of Summer but apparently nobody's told the weather...the gloriously warm sunshine has disappeared...replaced by a chilly wind which feels like it's blowing down from the arctic...more like November to be honest. But before I continue with the doom and's time to announce the winner of my GIVE-AWAY...

Congratulations No 20
Please e-mail me with your address Linda and I'll get your parcel off in the mail
Now that the back garden is under control...I've been getting to grips with the jungle of overgrown shrubs in the front...
I'm beginning to realise that this gardening malarkey is just the same as crafting...a never ending list of things to do but at least the azaleas don't seem to mind the cold weather and are doing their bit in the kerb appeal department...

but before I can continue I need to make a trip to the skip with the trimmings from yesterday's short back and sides adventure...
But I'm a fair weather gardener and with the forecast not looking too good for seems there is a silver lining to every cloud...the first day of the month means a brand new tag over at "12 Tags" and woohoo...Creative Chemistry 101 goes live again today which means it may well end up being a snuggle up on the sofa with the laptop and my Furry Companion kind of a day.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Congratulations Linda, enjoy your prize x

  2. Well done Linda - enjoy your prize! Kath - garden looking fab! Xxx

  3. Kath

    Your garden looks very bright even if it is shrubs. They contrast well with the gravel. Like a winters day here.


  4. WOW thank you fabulous start to my holiday
    Linda xxx

  5. Congratulations to Linda x it's not fair that it's so cold in Aberdeen Kath 😢 Hopefully it will turn around soon. Your front garden looks beautiful and so colourful.
    Enjoy your crafty time and hugs to Buddy

    Annie x

  6. Congrats to Linda, enjoy....Kath your garden looks pretty good to me, lots of pretty colour...x

  7. hi Kath,Your garden looks so pretty,we have Azaleas in our garden similar colours to yours.Beautiful plants aren't they.We have had very warm muggy weather with a scathing wind with it,oh well you can't have it all lol.The hayfever has taken hold so still have not wrapped the furry boys presi yet.Huggles and Cuddles for

  8. Uh oh, just when I thought you got on top of the gardening.... lol! Love Tim's new tag, don't have a single thing to do it - how did that happen?? Got my Canadian visitors from Friday for nearly two weeks, so I may be a tad quiet on the blogging front.... I'll miss your posts! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Your garden is lovely Kath - just wish I could get mine under control but whenever I have some time off work the weather normally throws a hissy fit so it doesn't get done.
    I am so not liking all this cold, wet, windy weather.
    Enjoy your laptop & the sofa - sounds like the sort of thing I'd be up to if I didn't have to go to work.
    Toni xx


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