Thursday, June 16, 2016

Craft...DIY...The Weather...take your pick...

Hi folks...blimey who turned on the tap in the sky and forgot to turn it's been raining cats and dogs for the last two days and shows no sign of letting up either. The usually enjoyable strolls with my furry companion are a nightmare in this kind of weather...I've been soaked to the skin so many times...the water running out of the a**e of my breeks and my dripping wet companion..
despite being vigorously towel dried...still manages to harl the wall and everything else within range with muddy splatters. By the time I've changed my clothes for the third time...loaded up the washing machine...had yet another warming cuppa...I'm seriously tempted to move somewhere where it never rains...
But I did make it in to the cubbyhole although it was a quick morning only visit...just time to nail a DT project...
before I headed back to the DIY list and a "definitely not my idea of fun" afternoon. One of those pesky jobs that strangely get left until last and none come more peskier than painting the metal monstrosity that keeps us warm on cold winter nights but hey coat still to go...
no point in weeping and's going to be a grit my teeth...get on with more task ticked off the list hopefully...kind of a morning. But what to do in the I head for the cubbyhole and have some playtime with these little bottles of  "Infusions" magic from Paperartsy...maybe not because I've fallen way behind with my "Summer Creative Chemistry" homework...
or do I muster the troops and start building an ark.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. The 'ark building' seems like a good idea. I am sooooooooooo fed-up with all the wet.
    The DT project looks good - love the colours.
    Hope the DIY continues to progress well.
    Toni xx

  2. I do admire your painting as I don't do decorating, hubby does. Been lovely here, apart from a short storm last night, another sunny day today.

  3. Nice project on hand there Kath ....what can you do your companion needs his walkies and we had a bad spell of the rain yesterday although it's nice indoors not so good while out take care and make sure your dried off yourself xx

  4. Oh Kath, I know just what you mean about the weather. It's the same down here right now. Last week I was complaining that it was too hot and my sister, who used to live 12 miles from me in Newquay, said she hoped that it would stay like it as she's visiting this week from her new home just outside Spalding. They've had dreadful weather over the east side of the country and she was looking forward to some seems she brough the bad weather with her as it's dreadful! Sadly though, I can't do anyting in the craft-room as she's kind of taken it over while she's here lol. I'm not suggesting that I'll be glad when she goes home, although it will be nice to be able to relax with some project or other once I can re-claim my space :)
    Keep on crafting, need to something while you wait for the never-ending laundry :)
    Bejay xx

  5. I just got back from my holiday and it hasn't stopped raining! I am not a happy bunny! On the positive side I opened my parcel from you today and I can't thank you enough, will so enjoy reading the magazines and I do love Friskars scissors. Enjoy your day and hope you get to craft.
    Linda xxx

  6. Well Kath 😃 ma breeks are just aboot wet with laughter!!! You should really write a book x
    We had lovely weather until last weekend and it's been so changeable since. Monday was definitely the worst as DH and No 1 son got drenched at the golf.....hopefully the sun will find its way back x
    Have fun creating in the cubbyhole and you can look forward to the new couches in time for Wimbledon

    Huge hugs
    Annie x

  7. We definitely need an ark here too Kath, we even had hail yesterday and there is lots of local flooding and the sit on railway at the garden centre has been all but destroyed..... hoping the sun comes back soon too.

    Look forward to seeing how you use the infusions! Hugs, Anne xx


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