Wednesday, September 27, 2017

In A Word...A M A Z I N G...

Hi Everyone...buckle up while I tell you all about my trip to Art From The Heart in Harrogate to attend the Creative Chemistry UK workshop with Tim Holtz and let me start off by giving a huge shout out to Tim, Mario and Ben from AFTH for all the hard work they put in to make this the best workshop fact it was AMAZING and then some...there are not enough adjectives to describe how much I enjoyed it.
And how lucky was I to share this fabulous weekend of fun with my lovely buddy Anne and her hubby David starting off on Saturday night with a gorgeous meal at Graveleys Fish Restaurant along with another lovely crafty friend Rachel...

and of course weekends away always involve the Sunday morning traditional Full English breakfast...
a huge thank you to my bestest buddy Anne for her kind and generous gift...a gorgeous Assemblage Black Hitch and Loop Bracelet...
I'd never visited Art From The Heart before and oh boy it's amazing...jammed packed to the rafters with loads of fabulous fabulous crafty stuff...real kid in a sweetie shop stuff and a huge thank you to Ben for the lovely Yorkshire welcome and for looking after us so pics I'm afraid...I was too busy putting stuff in my basket.
OK let's get started...Anne and I attended the afternoon workshop on Sunday...the last class of the event along with a lovely group of fellow crafters and our adorable Professor was in top form...Tim really is the best tutor/educator there passionate about sharing his phenomenal Distress product knowledge and inspiration with his students but it wasn't all heads down and get to work. When Tim and Mario are in the's going to be a whole load of fun and oh boy we were treated to a very entertaining 4 hours of Tim's wicked sense of humour
check out our cool Aprons and name tags
Each kit contained a selection of tags pre-prepared by Tim and Mario and two sets of exclusive stencils...
and guided by the Master of Distress himself we created our technique based tags using Distress Spray Stains, Paints, Crayons and Distress Oxides...
and the attention is all in the detail...self adhesive technique labels were also included to fix on the back of the tags, a Worn Cover with page pockets for storage and a self adhesive Exclusive Label printed on sticky back canvas, each one hand cut to fit by Mario...

and then it was treat time...special extra goodies to take home..
this beautiful Wallflower Tote...
a District Market Notebook and Noble Gent pouch
and last but no means least an Assemblage Lucky Charm necklace...
and guaranteeing that each and every workshop ran smoothly was this guy...the amazing Mario, King of BTS and Kitting, Chef Extraordinaire, Expert Parcel Shipper and Sweetheart all rolled into one...
he looked after us all so well...nothing is ever too much trouble for Mario...he made sure we all had the best lucky were we to have our very own personal shopper/workspace tidier-upper, maker of coffee and tea and dispenser of lots of hugs.
After the workshop...Tim and Mario hung around for a few hours chatting with everyone, posing for photographs, signing aprons, bags and books and if you visit my blog on a regular basis you'll know how much I love these guys. ..they truly are the nicest, friendliest, kindest, most generous, down to earth genuine guys and I think that each and every attendee at the Creative Chemistry UK workshops fell in love with them too..they are great ambassadors for the craft industry and have that rare ability to make everyone feel special. A picture is worth a thousand words and spending time with special friends are what wonderful memories are made of...
But before I go...I know that lots of folks were very disappointed not to get a place at this event...Tim has said that he will be back but in the meantime I would recommend you sign up for Tim's Creative Chemistry Classes on the links for more info...
honestly they are also amazing... the next best thing to sitting with Tim in his studio taking a one-to-one class, packed full of techniques and product information, you have lifetime access to all the class videos, you can pause, rewind or refer back to them at any time and once you have completed each class, you can print off the instructions and store your technique tags in Worn Covers just as we did at the workshop...
I use mine on a regular very own Tim Holtz Distress easy go-to reference library right there on my bookshelf.
I'm hoping to get back to work today but I'm still on Cloud Nine, dancing on the ceiling, high from all the excitement but I'll be back tomorrow to share the "lucky lucky me-what happened next" photos.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath


  1. Hi Kath
    It sounds like another amazing Tim and Mario weekend. Unfortunately Kay and I didn't manage to get tickets this time, otherwise it would of been great to meet you again. Thanks for sharing this with us all. Brilliant to hear they will be back at sometime, maybe for more than a weekend fingers crossed.
    Hugs to buddy.
    Sandra xx

  2. I am so sorry to have missed this one Kath and I knew you'd have the best time xxx I agree that Tim's workshops are the best and you get such support from him and Mario too. Absolutely love your makes and the goodies received. You will be raring to go with so much happiness and inspiration. Love you bracelet from Anne too xx

    TFS and hugs
    Annie xx

  3. It's great to have a chance to charge up the batteries isn't it. Glad you had such a good time because I know that translates to what you share with us on your blog. i have the same Creative Chemistry books lined up in my workspace as well for reference. Looking forward to when Tim does CC104 using the oxides. You know somewhere down the road it will happen. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. I am so very very jealous! There have been a few shares here and there and everything you lovely ladies have made has been gorgeous. One day I hope to get to attend one of Tim's courses. Your projects are gorgeous Kath, and I bet the course has inspired you even more Karen x

  5. Kath what a wonderful time you had, oh what a fabulous experience, so lucky and from the master himself....whoop whoop....xx

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience of the workshop! I am sure Tim and Mario where chuffed to see you too! I had a fabulous time too and learnt so much! The gifts were gorgeous and I am so glad you had fun with Anne and got home safely.
    Linda xxx

  7. Oh, Kath, I cannot think of a better word to describe our adventure - amazing sounds pretty good to me. The organisation of the class was just incredible and Tim and Mario are just a joy to be around, I think Tim could take up another career - as comedian, he is just so very funny, his timing is perfect! The class was fabulous, the gifts incredible, time spent with crafty friends was brilliant.... I am just beginning to come down off Cloud 9!

    Thank you my dear and special friend for making it such a special weekend, I loved spending it with you!! Huge hugs, Anne xxx

  8. Oh WOW. It looks like you had a more than amazing time.
    Lots of lovely goodies to play with and plenty of goodies to bring away with you.
    Sounds like you and Anne really enjoyed yourselves.
    Toni xx

  9. It was amazing wasn't it Kath...just such a shame our sessions were on different days! It would have been such fun to finally meet. Your fish and chips looked fab and how lovely to be with your dear friend Anne. Your tags look brilliant and totally agree what an amazing teacher Tim is and how Mario ensures things run smoothly. They really are the very best ambassadors of their craft. The best memories forever. Hugs xxx

  10. I just saw your picture on Tim's blog about this weekend and popped right over to hear all about it! I so enjoy seeing your beautiful creations and love seeing how excited you are from everything about this workshop. I look forward to seeing how it inspires you.
    Thank you, from across the pond. Christine

  11. It was so wonderful to finally meet you in person Kath. It looks like you had a ball in your class and what great photos. We must all get together soon. It's been such a fun ride. xxx


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