Thursday, September 28, 2017

The What Happened Next/Lucky Lucky Me photos...

Hi a difference a few days of rest and recuperation make...the old body seems to be back to firing on all cylinders again and I'm feeling as bright as a button this morning apart from that deflated feeling you have when you've looked forward to something for so long and now it's over.
But it's Big Girl Knicker time and until Tim and Mario return to the UK (sooner rather than later I hope) I have wonderful memories of a very special weekend in Harrogate that I will treasure forever to keep my spirits up...
the "on our best behaviour" photo with my favourite guys...
now it's time to share the "what happened next" photos...
the "lucky lucky me" smooching with the dynamic duo photo...
the "just press the darned button" photo
the "he tried to get away but he wasn't quick enough" photo...
and the "I can never resist a special smooch with my lovely "love you lots" buddy" photo...
Tim and Mario know how much I love my District Market Subway Signs bag, my use every day, been everywhere bag which is now 5 or 6 years old, still going strong but like it's owner showing a bit of wear and tear. Sadly these amazing quality bags are now discontinued...not available to buy anywhere and I was dreading the time when this old faithful had to go to bag heaven in the sky...
so you can imagine how delighted, over the moon and absolutely gobsmacked I was that these wonderful thoughtful guys brought me not ONE but THREE replacements...making sure I'll never be without my favourite favourite "holds everything but the kitchen sink" grab and go tote.
along with a super cute Sizzix/Tim Holtz Coffee Cup Phone Charger...
and the biggest woohoo gobsmacking gift of all..I still can't believe I'm now wearing an Assemblage Ruler Cuff and not any old Ruler Cuff let me tell you. I've been hankering over this gorgeous wrist bracelet since the launch of the latest Assemblage line but they are exclusive to Joann's in the's a long way to go for a jewellery shopping spree and I'm not sure the cubbyhole stash purse could run to a transatlantic air fare so...wait for it...take a deep breath...Tim very kindly gave me the one he was or what !!!
now you know how very very special these guys are to me...always so kind, generous and thoughtful and I'm so thankful for their friendship and the wonderful memories we share. In today's materialistic world, it's easy to forget that special friendships are the gifts in life money can't buy.
But it's time for this sentimental old crafter and her "will treasure always" ruler cuff to head back to the cubbyhole and crack on with the next project on the crafty list before I become too emotional because tears of joy and cardmaking are not going to be a good mix.

See you all soon
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Lucky you indeed! Sounds like you had heaps of fun and created lots a new memories to treasure. I also caught you waving at us all from a picture on Tim's blog.

  2. Kath what a fantastic day you had, you very lucky lady. Yes Mario & Tim are so generous, I can't believe all the freebees we got in class. I love them all. Lovely to read about your day. Can't for them to come back soon.
    Take care
    Michelle xx

  3. All I can say is WOW. Lucky lady. Enjoy.

  4. So happy that you enjoyed your surprises!
    Love you Kath...

  5. Awww, the above comment really does say it all! Since you and I first met, all those years ago, you have been their Number One fan and you have done so much to promote their products here in the UK, out of a genuine love and respect for them. It was a joy to see how they greeted you in Harrogate and I feel so blessed to have you share some of your special gifts with me, you are truly a kind, generous and special friend. Looking forward to our next adventure! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. You can certainly see from the photographs how much they both love you and you them! Such wonderful gifts too and I know you will treasure them. I am so glad you had a wonderful time and fingers crossed they get back over here again sooner rather than later.
    Linda xxx

  7. What a lucky lady you are. Such fabulous photos with your favourite guys.
    Toni xx

  8. What wonderful surprises! I'm so pleased you have replacement totes waiting in the wings. Thanks for sharing all your fantastic photos, looks like you had an amazing day. xxx

  9. You are sooooo cute and so very talented!!
    Sandy xx

  10. Aw !! such lovely photographs Kath and how sweet of Tim and Marion to bring you some new bags xx love your bracelet too xx

    Have great week x I am just trying to catch up on some sleep as I was working this weekend and back out tonight !!!!

    Best wishes and hugs
    Annie xx