Friday, June 21, 2019

Another Week Bites The Dust...

Hi folks, it's Friday already and in another week or so, we'll be halfway through the year on the countdown to Christmas and that's a scary thought, isn't it. Another week bites the dust and what a funny old week it's been. On Monday, I was despairing of the non-stop rain and wondering if Summer would ever arrive when lo and behold, I woke on Wednesday morning to glorious sunshine and just knew it was going to be my one chance to get some garden jobs ticked off the list. So we hit the ground running to rid the front garden of the "day of the triffids" mountain of weeds
 and tackle this monster which was spoiling my view from the cubbyhole
kept company by the bumble bees, busy doing what bees do

while my Furry Partner decided to jump ship and chill out in the shade
Right on cue, the first poppy of the Summer appeared
and I was surprised to find this tiny lone specimen
 the result of a seed blown across from my neighbour's garden
Sadly the summer weather is not forecast to stay, so I'll be heading back to the cubbyhole to enjoy the new unrestricted view as I tackle the crafty list again.
But first, a sneaky peek of a project with a floral theme, rather fittingly, which I'll be sharing next week. Have a great weekend everyone, whatever the weather and I'll see you all on Monday.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath, lovely photographs of your garden, buddy looks like he is enjoying the sun and of course loving the poppy. Have a fabulous weekend.
    Linda xxx

  2. Morning Kath, well you did a splendid job on the front garden, it looks lovely, I am so happy we are at last getting some sunshine, I can't even think about how the summer is passing us by so fast we need to make the best of it don't we. The sneak peak looks gorgeous too.xx

  3. You tackled the front garden monster well! Fun to read that you've enjoyed nature with it's bumble bee's and poppy's during your work in the garden. Looks like your Furry Partner had other plans for the day. Excited to see what you've created, the sneak peek already looks stunning! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Morning Kath. Where are the weeks disappearing to. I am trying to balance work in the garden and deadlines, not easy. Your garden looks gorgeous and now you have a wonderful view from the cubbyhole yay. Have a lovely weekend ❤️❤️

  5. Beautiful photos love to see the 🐝 at their best and the lonely buttercup nice that it flowered though and l think l would of taken to the shade too like buddy same here with the weather it’s up and down but l managed to get my garden done enjoy your evening x


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