Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's News...

A very good morning to all my lovely bloggy buds from your favourite bundle of golden deliciousness...woof woof I've got lots of news to share with you today...first of all it looks like Spring may have arrived in our little corner of the world and woof woof his chum Mr Sunshine has tagged along too. I was planning on having a "kick up my heels" day yesterday with my fun playmates but they had to hoo...sweet Little Missy Megan was unwell with a chest infection so I had to settle for second best...snoozing all day in the garden.  IT'S A DOG'S LIFE without a doubt.
Even more exciting news...have you heard about the 6th Birthday Party Weekend at
on 24th and 25th March
Apparently there's going to be
But the not so good news is that my Crafty Old Mum will miss all the fun...she'll be having her own little soiree in you think there's any chance I might be invited along...after all the acting CEO of the cubbyhole really should be there and hey I can do MAYHEM with my eyes fact I'm a DAB HAND at it and the word BIRTHDAY usually means there will be CAKE...sounds like a fun day out. Let me know if you're going and I might just tag along.
And the NEWS you've all been waiting for...we have a winner for the 
JANE K (51)
yes it's you Jane...all you need to do is e-mail us with your address and your parcel of ribbon goodies will be winging it's way to your cupboard under the stairs.  Don't be to disappointed if you didn't win this time...there will be another bundle of gorgeous ribbon goodies to give-away on Monday 2nd April.
Well folks...that's me for's going to be a super sprint morning stroll...I need to get home and check if Mr Postie has popped my special birthday party invitation through the letterbox.  My Crafty Mum will be back tomorrow with...hang onto your galluses folks"...a CHALLENGE card.
Big Furry Hugs & Snuggles


  1. ...Buddy you've definatley got all the credentials to show them how it's done, we'll watch this space...enjoy the sunshine gorgeous boy...Mel :)

  2. Buddy you can come along with me :) Pick you up on the way
    Lyn x

  3. What a birthday party without Buddy what are they thinking!! lets hope postie has got that invite, if not you have a lovely day in the sun, you beautiful boy! Hugs May x x x x x

  4. Hope your little friend starts to get better very quickly. It sounds like you stored up lots of energy after all that snoozing yesterday - careful where you wag your tail today you handsome lad & just keep an eye on your Mum's coffee mug so she doesn't put it where she shouldn't. Paper & coffee do not mix, especially when there are DT projects lurking.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Oh Kath how disappointing not to be able to spend time with the kiddiewinkles. I hope little Megan's chest infection clears up soon.

  6. Oh Buddy you are adorable. Hope you get to attend. Lots of hugs Anesha

  7. congrats to jane and thanks for giving us this chance!

  8. Oh Buddy, I hope you get your invite! Poor little Megan, we have had bad chests here for 16 days now, hope Megan gets better much quicker than that.

  9. Hi Buddy, well I don't see how they could have a birthday party without you being there to help. Must see if my friend and I can get along on one of the days.

    Hope poor Megan feels better soon. Poor Oliver has been under the weather too with a temperature, runny nose and a nasty cough. I think his doggies will be keeping out of his way!

    Kat, Max and Blue xx


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