Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday

Morning folks...after a couple of days faffing around catching up with laundry and those boring household chores and I have to confess I've been escaping out to the sunshine for more than a few coffee's time to knuckle down and get back into the crafty swing...with April workshops and classes to prep and our "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Workshop in Aberdeen just a week and a bit away...I'm going to need lots of pairs of big girl knickers. But before I start whipping the cubbyhole crew into a production's Wednesday and that means time to pop over to Julia's place aka WOYWW and check out crafty spaces from around the world.
So what's on my workdesk today...well prepare yourselves for a goodie bonanza...starting off with the 2 parcels that arrived in the cubbyhole in my I knew about...the gorgeous Sweet Pea DT fix from Craftwork's absolutely delicious and after seeing Julie's stunning samples at the NEC I can't wait to play...
 but what on earth could be in this huge wicker hamper...
 a craft kit from Ambi cool...
Clock Making Kit...Mosaic Tile Kit...Travel Sewing Kit and of course Ambi Pur plug in room freshener
 love this cute Cath Kidson Travel Sewing Kit...
but what did the Cubbyhole's Chief Stash Buyer spend the Cubbyhole Petty Cash on...all essential stuff of course...stocking up on Blending Tools to fill up my Spinners with extra Foam Pads...Vintage Lace Decorative Strip and Tim's fabulous pad of Word Stickers...
a Really Useful Box with 2 removeable sections to hold the Chipboard Alphabets I intend to die cut (when I find some spare time...don't hold your breath on that one) with the fabulous TH Word Play Die...yes one section for each letter is going to save me so much time and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I found Rob the MDF MAN and his fabulous products...excellent quality and at silly prices too...yet another addiction added to the list...
magnetic sheets from Joanna Sheen to store the ever growing family of dies...
How could I resist stocking up on even more of the beautiful Sweet Pea Collection from Sue and Julie at Craftwork Cards and yet another addiction..."can't craft without" beautiful pearls from Jill at The Hobby House...
 my new bestest bestest friend...a Fiskars Treat....a new mini guillotine
but the star of the show was the fabulous fabulous glue that Fiskars were given to use at my workshops...I must admit I'm not a fan of wet glue and was a bit sceptical...taking loads of double sided tape as a back up...wet glue and paper don't normally go together but I have to admit I was so's fabulous...doesn't wrinkle paper...dries completely clear...rubs right off if you get it in the wrong place...doesn't leave grubby marks either and a little goes a long way...out of the 6 bottles supplied I only used 2 over the 4 days of workshops and just to rub my nose in it...I had to transport all the double sided tape back home again.
Well that's me for to try and motivate the cubbyhole crew which isn't going to be easy considering summer has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods. I spy with my little eye a certain Furry Person with dubious intentions...he's booked his slot on the blog for tomorrow so I suspect he may be thinking of snaffling some goodies for a little give-away and what the would be rude not to share.
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: going by the number of e-mails so far this looks like lots of you are liking my new Fiskars Best can buy it HERE


  1. ooooo never seen that ambi pur stuff - love all the goodies,

  2. Looks like you had a brilliant time Kath! I too came back laden - what's a girl gotta do?? Dying to see what you do with the chipboard!!

  3. Glad you had a good spend too. So many lovely things at the NEC to buy. Do you have a separate blending tool for each ink? I did buy another one as I only had one and keep chnging the foam pads, where I have one for each colour. The top kept coming unstuck on mine, so keeping that one for vintage photo as I use that the most and changing pads on my new one.

  4. gosh, that is some spending!! Mind you, all essentials. Love the idea of a storage box with a section for each letter .... have a blooming gorgeous day! Helen 9

  5. ...thats an amazing amount of gorgeous goodies to play with Kath... loVe the MDF words can't wait to see the touch you give them...enjoy the sunshine...Mel :)

  6. Looks like youve had a fab spend me too!i have just got the T/H word pad also have things planned just need the time to craft now.
    Have fab wedensday and creative week hugs judex 67

  7. Fabulous bunch of goodies Kath, enjoy!! love that pack from ambi pur?? Looking out to see what you do with the bits from the MDF man,
    Hugs May x x x

  8. I can't wait to see what you do to the MDF letters, and thanks for the link. I'm off to hurt my bank balance over there now!

    Zoe #108

  9. Aha - the magnetic sheets are what added the weight! They're jolly heavy I know & jolly useful. Now that bestest friend already lives with me - albeit an older model & is very much loved.
    Have a good day.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. What a lot you got Kath! Wow. I like the look of the Ambi Pur stuff and that MDF looks amazing, going to check that link out. I think you are going to have lots of fun.

  11. Fab desk Kath . . . wanna swap? LOL!

    Happy WOYWW.

    Hugs, Sarn #79 ish!

  12. wow,so many fab goodies,am a great week :)

  13. Oh WOW! Loads of new goodies! I have a very old Fiskars mini guillotine that I use all the time. There used to be a Fiskars factory near me but sadly it's closed now.

  14. Ph wow fab goodies and thanks too for the link to MDF man, I'm so going to look around there! Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 77

  15. What an exciting stash of goodies! That would keep me out of mischief for ages! Happy WOYWW x

  16. I spotted MDFMan at NEC too, thanks for the link :) x

  17. Hi Kath,
    it's not surprising your case was over the limit!! Can't wait to see what you do with the MDF stuff.
    Best wishes

  18. WOW talk about some awesome stuff on your desk today! I love the 3:1 glue also but it strings a bit and won't work well in the glue bottles you have in the picture. I tried using it for some detail work but it didn't do well. I love it on everything else and it dried so fast! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #138

  19. WOW what an amazing amount of new stash you have there Kath, you will have lots of fun playing with all of that :)

    Take care and have a fab WOYWW, Luv Karen xx #91

  20. Oh my, I love the Cath Kiston sewing kit. Thanks for sharing.

    Jumbleberries xx

  21. Love the buys Kath. Have the mini Guillotine, as you say it's a great wee tool. Carolxx

  22. My, so many goodies! I love the basket and I'm drooling but then I have a tendancy to be a basket hoarder, lol Trying to use them this year on my balcony and loving the effect! waving hi from my balcony in the hills of North Carolina :)

  23. Uh, WOW, what a wonderful lot of new goodies, Kath!!


  24. Looks like you only bought essentisals Kath! I didn't buy a lot at the SECC recently but somehow it was easier to spend money at the Papeterie on Sunday!

  25. what a lovely spend, I used to get excited going into a clothes shop but now its crafty shops. Would it be my age or my figure I wonder? Yes I can see why the case was a tad heavy.

  26. Nice to have you back kath, but you must have thrown all your clothes out to get that little lot in the suitcase!

    Brenda 30

  27. What a fabulous collection of toys to play with, happy creating.


  28. So many goodies!!! Lots of fun stuff to play with:) Love the idea for chipboard letters...going to have to steal that idea. Tfs!

  29. I have terrible stash envy after seeing all your goodies. What a lucky lady x
    Sophie no.183

  30. Wow I've got so much stuff to get. I'm drooling over your wonderful goodies!
    I'm so late visiting this week so I apologise...but better late than never eh?
    Thanks for letting me take a peek at your desk :D
    Must dash.... Neesie #30


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