Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All's well...kind of...

Hi folks...calm has returned to the entente cordiale agreement has been reached and the resident divas are back to being bestest buddies snoozing in the corner...the other playing with the new goodies and filling up the Christmas card box at the same time...all's well and tickety-boo...

or so we thought and isn't it strange how you can start off thinking about one thing and before you know you're off on a tangent...hopping and skipping onto something entirely unrelated. It's the last day of October Halloween of course and that got me thinking that I don't need spooky ghouls and scary ghosty things to get me in panic mode...tomorrow we're into November and the big fat man in the red suit will be paying us a visit before we know and if that isn't scary enough...a week today I'll be heading for The this year has flown by...suddenly a HUGE KACHINK LIGHTBULB thought exploded in this old crafty brain and as seriously oops moments go...this is definitely a "10 OUT 10".
Obviously I wasn't firing on all cylinders when it came to ticking off the crafty list for the Fiskars Workshops because there's been a major boo-boo in the kitting department...I completely forgot about the sentiment strips...all 280 x 2 of them which should have been stamped...trimmed and safely tucked up in the kits. I've got  a sneaky feeling that this was one job I wasn't looking forward to so the old crafty brain filed it away in the pending section...oh bugger...looks like I can kiss goodbye to playing today.
But it's hardly a disaster when all's said and done...just another of life's little hiccups to overcome and we have a of those "back up against the wall" adapt and overcome easy option...blatantly cheating with a bit of jiggery pokery copying and pasting on the computer...printing and trimming and who's going to know. 
We won't tell if you don't
Sending love and prayers to our friends in the US affected by the horrendous storms...stay safe
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. t'isn't cheating it's being intelligent! well that's what i think!
    beautiful christmas card really must get started on our family ones - the general are all done! good luck with all the chopping up! hugs karen

  2. It's called constructive adaptation & using initiative.
    Love the warm rusty colours of this against the white. Rather splendid if I might say.
    Take care with the chopping & mind the fingers.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Stunning card...Love every thing about it!

  4. I like your style. This card is gorgeous love the design. Caroline xxx

  5. Love that card...great poinsetta.. your secret is safe with us.. What a Brilliant idea!! Hugs May x x x

  6. gorgeous card Kath - I'm sure you got those sentiments done in no time!!! Hope the furry boy let you play!!! Hugs rachel xx

  7. Gorgeous card Kath. Love the poinsettia.
    Lorraine x

  8. Simply stunning Kath,

    ROFLOL what you like...wish I was coming to NEC miss you loads

    Ali x

  9. Another beauty of a card Kath don't know how you do it!

  10. Gorgeous card Kath! Love the poinsettia, and all the glitter.

  11. Loving this card Kath. So elegant and glittery. Love that poinsettia.

    Hope you got all the sentiments cut out. That would really drive me nuts!

    Kat xx

  12. Hi Kath all that glitter and poinsetta are gorgeous. Hugs x ChrisB

  13. Love this card Kath so simple but stunning.Love the embosing folder....I want one of theses

  14. I love the design of this card.. so elegant xx