Thursday, December 27, 2012

Now there's a surprise

Hi Everyone...I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with family and friends...that Santa popped by with all the things on your wish list and that you didn't gorge yourselves silly like me...I'm still feeling a bit like a beached there's a surprise...all my intentions of being sensible when it comes to eating flew out the window AGAIN...stuffing myself until I was fit to burst meant that hubby was on dishwasher duty and I was flat out on the sofa swearing that I couldn't possibly eat another thing but it didn't take long for the cheese and biscuits to start calling my name followed by those tempting chocs under the tree...well I definitely needed a chocolate hit to counteract the shock of that Dowtown Abbey ending...I bet you didn't see that coming either. And then there's Boxing Day...the time of year when the fridge is still groaning under the weight of all that "just in case" Christmas food purchases and you can't help yourself from trying to make a big dent in it resulting in another night of couch slobbiness...perhaps I should have joined the throng of folks queueing from 4.00am for the Boxing Day Sales...I don't think there no end to greedy mad commercialism and even before we welcome in a new year...they're stocking up with the shelves with Easter Eggs..I feel a little rant coming on but luckily for you I'm on food prep duty this morning for yet another day of feasting with the grandkiddies.
But first I'm off to unpack a surprise delivery...woohoo was I super duper excited when Mr Fedex arrived at the door with a special Christmas Present from "Santa Fiskars Claus"...
I wonder what it could be...something that will tempt me away from Christmas Cake and the like...something that will curb the urge to be constantly grazing...something that will kick start the nibbling willpower...I do hope so because if not...I'm going to end up with a spare tyre that wouldn't look amiss on a 4 x 4 on top of the one I've already got.
And if you would like to win this gorgeous selection of lace....
why don't pop over and visit The Ribbon Girls
I'll see you all tomorrow 
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.Wish I was there to open your parcel with you!Hubby has gone back to work today so a little crafting to be done today.X

  2. I'm tidying up & dtermined to make a dent in the paperwork pile plus the dreaded overflowing tray of unused bits for the last (ahem - think there's a Christmas image in there from 2011!!) projects.
    Enjoy the parcels.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Sounds a fabulous Christmas Kath, I too stuffed a little too much...Those parcels look interesting!! Hugs May x x x

  4. Hi Kath, why do we always buy way too much food, then trying to eat it up,just because nobody else is making much of a dent in it.
    All my crafting stuff is still packed away, having crafty withdrawels think thats why I'm really eating too much. Can't wait to see what lovely goodies you have got. Hugs x ChrisB

  5. There's nothing like a dog throwing up to put you off your food - she managed to catch and dispatch a shrew then swallow it whole on Boxing Day morning - then was quite poorly by the afternoon. Guess who had to stay up with her all last night? I've a feeling we both might have LOST weight this Christmas - but I wouldn't recommend it. No doubt we will catch up over the New Year! X

  6. I am not reading the Downton Abbey comments. As I live in Canada we are just seeing the season you have seen. The next season starts the first week of January 2013.

    Can hardly wait!!!!!!
    No spoilers please.


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