Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Christmas List...

Hi folks...I bet I'm not alone in thinking that I'm not doing too well ticking jobs off the Christmas List...yesterday's present wrapping session took much longer than planned and I've nobody to blame but myself...obviously memories of Christmas past wrapping nightmares didn't kick in when I bought this year's pile of weird and wonderful shaped objects that required a degree in engineering and lots of coffee breaks before they were transformed into anything remotely resembling parcels.
And being a glutton for we are embarking on a christmas "deck the halls" adventure...the good bit is saying hello to lots of old friends...

the bit that's guaranteed to get my tinsel in a tangle...a multi coffee break "cover your ears Buddy" untangling the lights and hanging the baubles tree decorating session...
and a patch-up job on this cute casualty who seems to have lost an eye...
And then there's the marzipan and icing task of turning the boring brown Christmas Cake into a festive confectionery wonder...
all before I can take refuge in the sanity of the cubbyhole and get stuck into another project for the Fiskarettes Blog which if everything goes swimmingly...I will be sharing tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Looks like you have your work cut out for you Kath - good luck!! x

  2. Enjoy your busy day yet again, Love the chill out gang!! Thanks for the reminder! I need to do the same to my cake.. Have a great day Kath, Hugs May x x

  3. Good luck with all that today. Love your old friends.

  4. Not much for you to do today then!

    Keep cosy.

  5. Oh I share your pain Kath! Next year I am only buying presents that are square or that will fit into a bag! As for the lights - why don't I just put them away properly so they are not in a tangle....... hope the day goes better than expected. Hugs, Anne x

    PS - Your old friends are all rather fetching!

  6. Kath - HOW are you going to fit all that into ONE day?? How about untangling the decorations before you put them away this year?
    Working on my "Z" Alphatag........ZigZag Ziggurat .....but don't tell anyone before my blog post goes up!
    Paula (PEP)

  7. Looks like another busy day Kath. I've not marzipanned my cake yet. May have to be next week now. Hubby had a couple of days off so he put up the tree and decorated it. That's always been his job, he used to do it when I was at the WRI children's party when the kids were little. So I leave him to it. I spent yesterday morning going round shifting all the ornaments he'd put in various places. He even moved a Christmas cross stitch that I'd hung up at the same time as the advent calendar. No idea why he did that except that he's a man!

    Have a good day,

    Kat xx

  8. You can keep your designer colour coordinated Christmas Trees and decs - it's the good old family favourites that come out each year that make Christmas for me. Last year I had to repair and make a new dress for the fairy, handed down to me from my Mum so goodness knows how old she is! (I'm 63 next birthday). Have fun. X

  9. Hi Kath hope your busy day went well. I'm busy printing out pictures to make Maddison a story book about how her Tom and Jerry met Pingu in Italy. Hugs x ChrisB

  10. Kath I love seeing your wonderful, beautiful & gorgeous ornaments. So very pretty. I would love to see the finished cake! Hope the lights untangle easily


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