Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Here we go again...

Hi we go again...we're back in the world of DIY mayhem...Phase 2 of the big make-over...the hall and staircase...a mammoth task if ever there was...has begun...
hubby is busy stripping wallpaper...ripping off door frames and skirting boards...what is it about men...they are never happier when they're banging away with a hammer and making an almighty mess...
I take on board the whole "it's gonna get worse before it gets better" concept but this particular Project Manager is wondering if she has well and truly shot herself in the foot this time...with only 10 weeks until it going to be finished before the big day. In my dreams...YES but let's be realistic here...PROBABLY NOT or if I'm being brutally honest with myself...NO WAY JOSE. The nice man with the buckets of messy plaster can't come and work his magic until the beginning of November...I'm hoping his visit co-incides with my trip to Birmingham...woohoo and I return home to find that all the pesky dust is gone...the walls are as smooth as a baby's bottom ready for painting. But by the time it dries out...I choose a paint colour and slap it on the walls...the big fat man in the red suit is likely to be thinking of setting off on his annual journey around the world.  And my lovely hunky joiners are probably going to be too busy doing their Christmas shopping to consider fitting the new doors and flooring...not even Christmas Punch and Mince Pies galore could persuade them to join in the "let's get it finished for Christmas" push. But the weather may well put the scuppers on the whole bang shoot...according to the boffins at The Met Office we're due for heavy snow in the next few weeks in my neck of the woods...the worst winter for a century apparently...crikey if plaster man can't get here we may well be facing a "Bleak House" Christmas.
On a positive note...a job lot of tinsel might just brighten things up a bit and hide a multitude of sins and with no doors to hinder his progress...dear old Santa will be in and out in record time and speeding on his way to visit you. But if you can't beat them...join them...I'm off to create a little mayhem of my own...kitting up for my Kath's Klub workshops at The Papeterie on Saturday and no doubt I'll manage to give Mr DIY Handyman a run for his money and Mr Dyson another mess to clear up.
But before I go...make sure you tune into Create and Craft tonight at 6pm and tomorrow at 10.00am and 1.00pm for some fabulous Craftwork Cards shows with my lovely buddy Julie Hickey...lots of new kits including the gorgeous Vogue Collection...
take it from me you're going to it.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath - I'm in a similar situation here, almost rid of the plaster dust but why is the finishing plaster brown? until it dries - I'm sure they could make it a prettier colour and I really hope the winter isn't as bad as the forecast! Mary x

  2. ...well your hubby certainly has been busy Kath, I think he's trying to keep up with you ;)) my initial reaction to the piccys was cripes that's a lot of work then I read the words 10 weeks to Christmas, don't know what's more scary...but...if hubby is like you he'll race through the job in hand to perfect, have a great day Kath big hugs for the Budster...Mel:)xx

  3. wow Kath - hubby really has been busy - still it will look amazing very soon xx

  4. Crikey girl! Are you and hubby thinking of taking up house renovation next year by any chance? Lol! Seriously though, I hope you get it all done and dusted by Christmas and let's hope the weather forecasters have got it all wrong..... Hugs, Anne x

  5. Hi Kath. Snap, we are in much the same situation as you. Except in our case hubby is disabled at the moment, so I have joiners and painters in. Got Craftwork set to record. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Oh no Kath not again!! Hopefully you can get it all done for Christmas but please please make sure you get the colour paint you like first time round this time!! Susan xx

  7. Morning Kath.... you certainly like to push the boundaries don't you. My hubby would have a fit!!
    Good luck to you and yours.... I'll enjoy seeing the progress reports. Happy crafting.

  8. Fancy doing mine next?
    Been wanting to start my kitchen for 12 months and keep getting told not yet!!
    I think I might just start stripping then it will have to be done for Christmas.
    Enjoy Birmingham...I'm doing the SECC this year at long last.
    Happy crafting,
    hugs Erika.

  9. Just catching up with you from my own busy time - love your party treat boxes from yesterday. Good luck with the DIY - just got the garden furniture painting finished. That was painful but it does look good though. X

  10. You must be as mad as a box of frogs!
    But hey ho, what does it matter if it's not finished for one specific date in December, what does it matter if the snow is 4 feet deep - it'll be nice when it's finished.... in March LOL. Valxxx

  11. Hi Kath, has there been a TV company chasing you for a new house makeover programme and you've not told us about it? Strike while the iron is hot, and it's half the battle. The house will look great when all your hard works finished I'm sure if downstairs is anything to go by. Upstairs may be out of bounds for Christmas but so what, Santa will find you!..Trish

  12. Wow Kath, I hope everything goes smoothly for you and you get straight for Xmas. Rather you than me. I love reading your posts with you sense of humour, you never fail to make me smile. Love and hugs, Take care xx ChrisB


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