Monday, December 7, 2015

It's beginning to look...

Hi folks...I'm back on track with the Christmas prep...the cards are written and will be off to The Post Office today...I hit M&S running bright and early yesterday morning so the gifts have been ticked off the list and await's beginning to look like Christmas might be on schedule after all. Today I'll be in the kitchen in Mary Berry mode nailing the cake...

 not sure I'll be up for licking the bowl at silly o'clock
and while it's cooking...I'll be back in the cubbyhole finishing off the gift card holders...
in the meantime the annual Christmas pantomime is about to kick off...all hell will no doubt break loose..the usual song and dance with moaning groaning and bah humbug complaining...yeah it's that time of year when we batten down the hatches and cover our ears...hubby is on...retrieve the Christmas tree from the loft and hang the lights...duty.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Ha! Ha! Love your Christmas tree retrieval story, which happens here with the tree being "chopped down" in the basement and brought up stairs. I made it easier a few years back when I downsized the tree to 4 feet. It fits perfectly in the bay window and looks pretty from inside and outside. I do remind my husband that now he has just 2 boxes of ornaments to bring down from the attic instead of 5. The tree is up from the basement and the ornaments are sitting at the top of the attic stairs and we are good to go! My cards are not yet in the mail but they are all finished and waiting for names and addresses, so I'm not as up-to-date as you. I do wish you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.

  2. Ha ha indeed Kath . . . we didn't go down that route this year as hubby decided we'd have a real tree instead like we used to do. I retrieved the decorations and job done minus the pantomime. Looks lovely too but no smell like real trees used to. I remember a post from you last year about scents for the tree so am going to look see if I can find some and get that familiar pine smell from my childhood back. Take care and enjoy your day. Sue x

  3. My sister had a Christmas tree retrieval OOPS last week. After pulling everything out from her huge cupboard under the stairs she was in panic mode because she couldn't find her tree. Packing everything back carefully - just in case she had missed the box (???) she remembered that it had 'died' last year so she put it out with the rubbish. Guess who will be hitting the sales looking for a new tree.
    I bought my cake yesterday - I'm the only one who likes it (boo hoo) so it seems a waste to make a big one.
    Looking forward to seeing your tree Kath.
    Toni xx

  4. Before it all gets mad and frantic. Id like to wish, you and all the crew especially Buddy. A very good Christmas and a very happy new year. Reading your blogs inspire me to enjoy my hobby to the max. Your humour and down to earth approach, makes it so real. As some designers are up one own bottom's, to put it politely. You Kath are totally brilliant and what you do, but very grounded. So for that my dear I salute you.I have 3 favourites in this industry Julie Hickey, Jennifer Mc Quire, and you Kath Stewart. Take care lots of love, Jo Summers xxx xxx

  5. Hi, Kath,
    Ooh, the cake looks good even before it's cooked. I'm cheating this year. As I'm spending Christmas alone, my sister having moved from ten miles away to the other side of the country, I bought a chocolate gateau from Iceland. I'll take it out of the box, slice it while frozen and then just take out a slice at a time.
    Her new house has a bay window just crying out for a lovely tree. Her husband insists on a real one each year so I hope she can find one locally to her new home. Mine has now managed to escape from the corner of the craft room into my bedroom. I think that by the weekend it may actually be up. I just have to decide if it's going in the window or in the corner of the room.
    I actually got my Christmas cards written yesterday so now all I need to do is feel well enough to stumble down to the post office later in the week and get them posted. I'm leaving it until the last minute in the hope that I'll get my voice back so that I don't have to hand over a note like I'm robbing the place lol.
    I'm now off to get dirty...painting my new Distress ink stamp storage unit with chalk paint. I'm bound to end up with more on my hands than on the unit...wish me luck.
    Bejay x

  6. Looks like your well organised with your cards done gifts bought and cake well on it's way to being cooked looks yummy by the way take care x

  7. Hi there! Thanks for blogging - your posts make my day! What kind of a cake are you making? I haven't had marzipan for 30+ years! It sound delish! And give that adorable dog a big kiss on the snout for me!

  8. Oh Kath, you are so funny! I hope, because I am so late, that hubby has forgotten all about the trip to the loft by now and that you have your lovely tree up and decorated! Love, love, the look of your cake and the gift card holders are pretty amazing too! Hugs, Anne xx


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