Friday, December 4, 2015

"Panic Stations"

Hi's "panic stations" in the cubbyhole...3 weeks today will be Christmas Day...the cards may be made but still need to be written...there are no presents to wrap...the tree's still slumbering in the loft and the Christmas Cake is just another item on the long list of things to do but I've got a magazine commission...the last one of finish up and get in the mail tomorrow...take note: no glitter and definitely no Christmas...
And then...a major rub-a-dub dub session is required for today's date with the Friday Girls...they're certainly not going to be impressed with the current Distress nail polish look.  Have a great weekend whatever you're planning to do.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Lol Kath, your so real this is why i love your posts. Life in the real world is hard core sometimes! But your humour in your post never fail to make me smile. I am not alone in this crafty madness! �� Love to Buddy from Harvey and Bonnie xxx xxx

  2. Have a super Friday with the girls Kath.
    "Distress" nail polish?...I don't know - could be the new "chic" LOL
    Toni xx

  3. Have a fab girlie day, enjoy...x

  4. If I know you, my dear friend, you will manage it all beautifully! Have a lovely day with the Friday girls - I would take the paint with you and offer to do their nails too, you might just start a trend.... have a lovely weekend too. Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Kath, if you want anything doing - ask a busy woman - you'll sail through your Christmas preparations! enjoy your day out

  6. Have a fab day with the Friday girls Kath!! Looking forward to seeing you soon my friend, take care & big hugs to you & Buddy xxx

  7. Hi Kath,
    Thank goodness I'm not the only one in a panic. This morning when I got up I thought I felt well enough to finally make a start at rearranging the craft room...boy, was I wrong. Half an hour after starting I was laying in the recliner, a cuppa by my side, trying to concentrate on my book while my heart regained its normal rhythm. I did go back and have another go at it later though, so now the freezer and dryer I share my space with have been moved to their new position and there is a worktop where they used to be. Now...if I can only get all the bits and bobs off my bed before tonight, I can get some sleep ready to finish up tomorrow...then I might just be able to rush around and get some cards made ready for my visit to the post office next Friday...what fun lol.
    Bejay x

  8. Hope your day went well with the girls and l'm sure all will be done take care x

  9. Hope you had a lovely day.Huggles to you and a Big Cuddle for Buddy.xx


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