Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Work In Progress...

Hi folks...it's back to being a Winter Wonderland in my neck of the woods...
falling a little bit short of the "severe weather warning/batten down the hatches" 2 feet of snow that Storm Clodagh was supposed to drop on the UK...seriously there's not even enough to make a decent snowball and before all this politically correct BS of giving the weather a name...a light dusting of snow was a sign that WINTER was on it's way...plain and simple...no need for hysterical dramatics. And while I've got my Moaning Minnie hat on...I can't help but mention the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday fiasco...we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK thank you very much so why suddenly are British companies bombarding us with constant TV ads and never ending e-mails...it would be laughable if it wasn't so darned irritating. 
So in anticipation of the approaching "STORM"...we retreated to the cubbyhole and looked out the hard hats, hi-viz jackets, Ryman's A4 480gsm Art Card...perfect for this type of project and my can't live without
to make a start on our Winter Village project. I know what you're thinking...one house and a church can hardly be described as a "VILLAGE" but hey in this world of PC gone bonkers...if you can't beat them....join them
let's just say it's the start of a new Christmas tradition...an ongoing work in progress...adding a few more throughout the coming years until I run out of space on the Christmas mantlepiece...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

In the meantime...it's back to the Christmas card making marathon...
Hugs Kath xxx
P.S. The links to The Big Shot Plus and Village Dies are currently showing out of stock but if you leave your e-mail address...Craft Obsessions and Countryview Crafts will get in touch when they are available again


  1. Ooh wow - the start of your village is awesome! It will be cool to add to it each year. The dies look fab! I was irritated by the constant bombardment of adverts etc for Black Friday too! I seem to have had the same today for Cyber Monday - aaaaaaargh! xxx

  2. Love the start of your village Kath. It's like having a new bauble for the tree each year - you can have a new house.
    I'm totally with you on the Black Friday etc.
    Here in the UK we have Boxing Day & New Year sales so why do we need something post a holiday that we don't celebrate.
    Toni xx

  3. Kath - I love it when you have a rant!

  4. The black Friday thing is rather ridiculous, with people fighting over stuff they don't need. The past couple of years I spent the day participating in "flood the streets with art" (check it out on Facebook!) instead, where people all over the world abandon their art in public places with a note saying it's free, for some unsuspecting person to find. A much better use of my time than queuing for three hours buying stuff I don't need.

    And your village? Utterly, utterly gorgeous! Just wow! x

  5. I couldn't agree more Kath, sick of it.....
    On the other hand your village is coming on really well...have fun...x

  6. Love, Love, Love the start of your Christmas Village, 'tis stunning!!! And I have to say I totally agree with you re the Black Friday malarky, gets on your nerves after the 50th email full of stuff you're not the least bit interested in!!! Hope to see you soon!!
    Hugs Ann xxx

  7. Hi Kath,not been on much.Still missing my beloved Ronni the Mog.You do cheer me up though.love your rants you say what I feel also.Love the start of your Christmas Village so pretty and imaginative.Great pics too,hope you are snuggly warm.We are having a battering with gales.How is Buddy,give him a huge cuddle from me please.Huggles xx

  8. Hi Kath,
    I think that Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be shipped back across the pond where it belongs...and while we're at it, Halloween can go back as well. Another American tradition that has found its way into UK 'traditions'. I can't be asked with any of it. Of course, we have to go one step further don't we and have a Black Friday WEEK!!! Let's just get back to the pre-Christmas sales that shops used to have years ago. I hated to see all those greedy people getting trampled last year. For a fleeting moment I did feel sorry for them but then I thought to myself if they weren't so greedy they wouldn't have put themselves at risk in the first place. Fighting over goods with other customers was pretty disgusting as well wasn't it.
    Ah well, packing my soapbox away, we get onto your embryonic village. I think that what you've done so far is just delightful, Kath. I'm ashamed to say I didn't realise Rymans had such thick card as regular stock, how wonderful. I'm looking forward to your village growing each year.
    Years ago my family moved from a quite large village in Surrey to a farm in Hampshire. There were three farms, around 6 or seven houses, a church and one house was doubled up as the post office and another sold sweets and cigarettes from the living room...that was the life. So, you don't have too far to go until you've enough buildings to replicate my little hamlet :).
    As for the severe weather warnings...this country makes me laugh sometimes. Did anyone see Alexander Armstrong on his journey round the Arctic Circle? As he said, here in the UK if we get an inch of snow everything grinds to a halt but there he was in a -40 degree storm and everyone just got on with their lives. My dad was Canadian so I think I have some of his 'cold weather' genes lol.
    Good luck with the rest of the village and your ongoing Christmas card marathon :)
    Bejay xx

  9. both lovely - at first I mis-read it and thought you were making one every day in December, like a house advent calendar - (was thinking, blimey, where will Kath put them all, and where will she store them until next Christmas) - of course, that would have been a town not a winter village lol, Mary xx

  10. these are so wonderful Kath! I just love these house dies! I was excited to hear Tim say there will be more of them (or accessories?) in 2016.

  11. Looking great Kath...did you have any issues with scoring that thickness card...I know Tim adds 2 layers? What a great start to your village wonderland xx


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