Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Who knew...

Hi folks...who knew...well you may have but I certainly didn't...that life becomes much more challenging when you have a thumb that's not working...I'm just glad that I have the other one to fall back on because if they were both out of as we know it would be impossible. Fingers on their own just don't cut the mustard...I'd never really given it much thought but every little daily task is only possible when your thumb and fingers are working in unison. Zipping up your jeans...doing up a button...opening a bottle...cutting with scissors...threading a needle...lifting a pencil...writing...the list is fact I've yet to find anything you can do without the use of your thumb so I now have total respect for that very necessary chubby digit we all take for granted.
The "took much longer than normal" magazine commission is done...the simple task of cutting a piece of card became a major operation...try holding it steady between only the fingers of one hand and cutting with the be honest I'm lucky to still have all digits intact...
 now it's time to tidy up the debris...

and then sit back...relax and wait for 2016
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Kath, I know first hand as well how un-operable you are without the use of one of your thumbs. A few years back, I had went through something similar with my right thumb and I am right handed. Couldn't accomplish a darn thing. I did however master writing left handed. It was a struggle at first, but actually got pretty good at it with a little practice. But, getting dressed, cooking, eating, combing my hair and the really tough thing - putting on makeup was near impossible. Hope your thumb heals swiftly. I feel for you. I miss your magic in the cubbyhole.

  2. Isn't it amazing how much we use our thumbs without even realising.
    Love the peek at those crazy birds. It certainly looks like you have plenty to tidy away.
    I wish you all the best for 2016.
    Toni xx

  3. You have such a lot of stamps. My friend from said she is envy cause she collects stamps and she says yours are so great!

  4. Hi Kath,
    I totally agree with you about how important our thumbs are. I'm lucky enough to be ambidextrous...but life would still be a monumental chore with a messed up thumb. The closest I've got to it was when I had my hand surgeries five years ago. My Dr McDreamy surgeon did the first in late November and the second in January, so although the first op had healed, I was still operating with a 'damaged wing' while the other one was bandaged up to the heavens. Fingers crossed (the only decent thing we can do without our thumbs) that you heal really fast and can once again enjoy playing in the cubby hole.
    Healing vibes coming up from Cornwall.
    Bejay x

  5. Yep,you are right,we NEED our thumbs.But know you can beat this Kath,you are a trouper.Love the sneeky peek.Happy New Year to all of you,and a special cuddle for Buddy.xx

  6. Great to hear you coped with it Kath, but then I think we all knew you would...Fab peek of work love it....Have a wonderful New Years eve, do you wait for the bells....I do then I'm off to bed these days, no more dancing the night away for me a nice drop of Jacks waiting though....enjoy...x

  7. Hope you soon feel better :)

    Love your cards!
    Fredrikke :)

  8. Oh no, poor you... yes, you suddenly realise the point of all the fuss about "opposable thumbs"! Do hope it gets better soon, and don't chop any of the other digits off in the meantime. Your sneak peek looks absolutely fabulous.
    Wishing you and Buddy a very happy New Year and a brilliant 2016!
    Alison xx

  9. Feel better soon Kath...hope the thumb is on the mend. Big hugs Annxxx

  10. Loving your sneak peeks Kath, well done for getting some crafting done whilst you have been nursing your injury. Wishing you all the very best for 2016, hope it is a great one for you (once the thumb has healed of course!).

    Hope you are not near any of the flooding. Big hugs, Anne xx

  11. Hi Kath,Just sent you an email do hope you see it ok.xx


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