Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fiskars Give-Away

Hi Everyone...crikey can you believe there are only a few days left in November...before we know the countdown to Christmas will begin...the usual headless chicken marathon to get everything ready for the big day. My plans for a burning the midnight oil weekend getting to grips with the crafty list turned into an adventure of a different kind when my new laptop arrived. My old faithful Dell Desktop has been on the way out for some time and I've put off replacing it simply because of the time it takes to get acquainted with something new. Crikey technology has certainly moved on...it's now all singing all dancing with lots of gizmos and I was a little wary of how I would get on with Windows 10. After spending most of my weekend deleting all the apps I'm never going to use...transferring essential stuff from the old computer and personalising the desktop for easy use...I'm not going to lie...there were times I was tearing my hair out and ready to throw it in the bin but persistence is my middle name and no way was I going to be beaten by a modern day box of tricks. Woohoo...we're now up and running and this geriatric technophobe is embracing the latest technology and loving it...although the touchpad is driving me nuts...wireless mouse is top of the shopping list and Contana's future employment hangs in the balance...reminds me of that irritating Sat Nav woman...I know my memory is a little bit dodgy but I don't need her to remind me to buy a loaf of bread or pick The Furry Boy up from the vet...well not yet anyway.

And I'll probably be missing in action for the rest of the week...time to hit the "2 days behind schedule" crafty list...lots of top secret/can't even share sneaky peeks stuff so I'm having a little Fiskars Give-Away and it just so happens there's an Intricate Leaf Punch looking for a new home...

and here's a canvas I made for Fiskars a few years ago using the punch...
The give-away will close on on Saturday 3rd December at 8pm and I'll announce the winner bright and early on Sunday morning so to put your name in the hat...click on the Inlinkz tab below.
For lots of Fiskars inspiration along with hints and tips on how to use their products...why don't you pop over and join the wonderful community on the Fiskarettes UK Facebook Page.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Gorgeous punch, thanks for the chance to win. I love the design of the canvas using the punch, beautiful colours too. xx

  2. Glad you are getting to frips with the laptop. A wireless mouse is a must, can't use touchpads at all. Good luck with it all and thanks foe the chance to win this fab punch x

  3. Thanks for the chance to win a fab punch Kath, very kind of you....as for the laptop, my Dell desktop died a sudden death a couple of months back,and I had it nearly 10 years..... I couldn't recover anything, so, heads up and on we go, got a new HP pc with windows 10....say no more, although now I wouldn't change it for the world...love it, and uploading is SOOOO easy...hope you have fun with yours, enjoy your week.xx

  4. Hi Kath,
    First of all, thanks for giving us all the chance to win the wonderful leaf stamp, I love the panel you made using it. Now then, how are you managing with Windows 10? When I bought my last new laptop it had 8.1 installed and after a few minor tantrums, I began to love it...then I was offered the free upgrade to 10. Within two days I'd reverted back to 8.1. I think 10 would be okay with a touch screen. I know if I ever decide to replace my old desktop, would you believe it was still running Windows 95,I'll have to have 10. I'm thinking of getting one of those really small units to go in the craft room and use it with my printer, but a new counter top dishwasher has to come first lol.
    Bejay xx

  5. Thank you for the chance to win this super punch, it looks beautiful on your canvas.
    I love Windows 10 now that I have got used to it, it took a while but well worth the effort.

  6. Thanks for the chance to win that lovely punch, beautiful canvas you made. I' m still not happy with Windows 10 on my new desk top but I use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

  7. So happy to hear that you have managed to sort out your new laptop. A gorgeous punch too, I love leaves. Thank you for your generosity. Good luck with your work too.
    Linda xxx

  8. I've had Windows 10 for a year now and have more or less gotten used to it. It still throws me a curve ball from time to time and I'm still having problems with my disk drive but other than that, things work fine.
    Thank you for the chance to win the punch Kath.
    Toni xx

  9. It's that crazy time of the year Kath but all good fun! We have avoided Windows 10 like the plague!! Thanks for the giveaway. Hugs xx

  10. Well done on the technology Kath! Do you hire yourself out for tuition? I am resisting getting 10 but David has got it and has not quite mastered it, I don't think! Hope you get your crafty projects all done and dusted soon. Hugs, Anne xx

  11. Hi Kath,got my new pc up and running too.Glyn the whizz kid ( My husband ) did it all for me,I don't understand half of it lol.Good on you for keeping at it.Can't wait for the sneaky peeks.Love the canvas so pretty.Happy Week.xx Hugs and Huge Cuddles for Buddy xx

  12. What a lovely punch. Thanks for a chance to win it. I also have Windows 10 and like everything, it took a bit of time to get used to it. I really like it now. Cheers.

  13. Well done you on mastering Windows 10 - I don't even wan to go there.Love the card you made with leaf punch - so pretty -fingers crossed I win it. Thanks Kath for being so generous.

  14. Bet you were tearing your hair out and left the laptop on several occasions !!!! That's certainly what I am like with new technology !!!! Your persistence paid off Kath and now your laptop is all singing and all dancing as they say xx
    I am getting behind too but like you will get there in the end
    Brilliant project too xx

    Tfs and hugs Annie x

  15. Well done Kath for mastering Windows 10 not easy...
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win this lovely punch..

    Good luck with all your Christmas card batch making