Thursday, November 24, 2016

Shiver Me Timbers...

Hi folks...Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the drink be merry and have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Brings back memories of spending Thanksgiving in New York with my sister watching Macy's fabulous Parade but boy was it COLD...for someone who is used to cold winter weather...this was bone chilling...teeth chattering COLD with an accompanying arctic wind blowing right up the Hudson river...we over-dosed on life saving hot take out coffees every 30 minutes and had to resort to buying ear muffs to try and fight off the hypothermia...we laugh about it now but hey if there's a next time...we'll be packing hot water bottles and a suitcase filled to the brim with thermal Michelin Man clothes.
Winter is definitely just around the's decidedly shiver me timbers weather here too...the champion snowball catcher is very disappointed we've had no snow but arctic temperatures of 6 and 7 below make for chilly slippery slidey morning dog strolls and despite my duvet coat and snuggly cosy hat...the wind always seems to find that gap in the Nanook of the North armour making me rather envious of The Furry Boy's amazing multi layered thick cosy coat with built in furry knickers.
And this has not been a productive week...I just can't seem to get back into the crafty swing...I've been sneaking away from the cubbyhole and snuggling up on the sofa watching TV wrapped up in a certain someone's blanket or putting my feet up for toasting my toes on the radiator coffee breaks in between the "shiver me timbers" canine outings.
But hey we're nearly at the end of another week...time to get my butt back into gear and finish off next week's DT project for Simon Says Stamp...
a reminder that Christmas is less than 4 weeks away and soon the man of the house will be asked
to head to the loft to retrieve our very own Woodland specimen along with it's decorations and the annual tantrum will commence...mumping...moaning...lots of groaning and if he had a pram...etc...etc but the Furry Boy and his Mum will be taking refuge in our crafty space until the hooha dies down...

best crack on and power up the production line...catch you all later
Hugs Kath xxx


misteejay said...

e perfect reason for snuggling up in the warm.
Temps down here have been quite mild on the whole but the wind and the rain have made it feel colder.
Have fun with the crafting.
Toni xx

Bejay Roles said...

Morning Kath,
My furry girl loves snow too but since we've moved down to Cornwall, if we do see any it doesn't really lay. She used to come back from a romp with little snowballs on the fur on her feet which she liked to lick off before they melted.
Kath, I love the Christmas tree die and have it on my wish list. Too late for this year but I think I'll see if it's in any January sales and get it for next year.
I do like the idea of sitting with my feet on the radiator, Sadly they're a bit too high lol. I'll have to make do with the reclining sofa and the dog to warm me up instead.
Bejay xx

Janette said...

Great time to cosy up with the 'boy' the sneak for the New York trip, always been a dream of mine, i do think it will stay that way so thanks for sharing....xx

Linda Simpson said...

A little break every now and then does you good. Yes it sure has been cold these past couple of days. Enjoy your weekend and loving the photograph of buddy.
Linda xxx

Redanne said...

I too have been taking lots of little breaks too, because it is cold and also I am still shattered after the weekend.... I clearly do not have your stamina! Love the New York story, my trip there was very brief, in hot weather - I think I would have preferred the cold! Hugs, Anne xx

Jan Moss said...

Hi Kath. Oh, so know what you mean with the tantrums!! We have just had one here. Please give Buddy a hug from me. He looks scrumptious in this picture. I hope your mojo returns soon. Smiles and hugs. Jan.xx

Lee said...

OMG.I would love that pic of Buddy on a Christmas Card,what a Gorgeous Handsome Chap he is.Oooh New York,what wonderful memories you must have.We went to Boston same there,Freeeeezing but well worth it.Loving the sneak peek.Great socks and what does that mug say Families are like Christmas Cake hee hee is that right.Love it.Hugs and Snuggly cuddles for Buddy.xxxx